Question on Split 2 Pro League Qualifier #3: February 7th, 2021

Hi I have a quick question about watching the qualifiers live online. In fact is it possible to watch this or any of it online. Tried live.gearsofwar but no joy even though it does say February 7th. Is there any site I can see when they are on and what time?

Thank you for any help.

What r u using to watch it ??
Xbox ?

If yes it doesn’t work, i made a post months ago and still not fixed…

Not watched 1 since.

Its an issue with xbox app.


Any word on a fix??

Hey thanks for the reply. I thought it was on live.gearsofwar site. That is not broadcasting didn’t know it was on xbox as well. Oh well. is there a coherent timetable anywhere with dates and time of broadcasting? The live.gearsofwar site says turn on notifications then it says log in when I am already logged in and then it says I am logged in with Microsoft id and thats it keeps going around in circles.

One would think they would actually bother to promote esports, I mean how hard is it for a forum post or a tweet?

It would appear that is only used for big events.

You can find what you’re looking for here:

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Thank you sir, much appreciated. looks like I missed it, but at least I know where to go.

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Due to lack of information for schedules and the like I always miss them live but can at least watch them later.

The last minute of the stream said the next one is on monday, no clue as to when exactly.

Seems the norm with anything gears related.

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Yeah. It says Monday at the end and it is Monday today currently 18:20:37 o’clock, so who knows when on Monday. It does say in the handbook something about 7 pm EST and 4 PST, but in relation to the UK I have no idea.

If you’re in the UK they usually start around 10pm-midnight. At least last season did.

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Just in time for bedđź’¤

Eu the forgotten🤨

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Thank you for that info, 10 it is then. Much appreciated.

It is 7pm EST, I just found out by reading one of the casters schedule.

Absurd beyond belief that not even the official twitter esports account would give this information.

According to google, UK is 5 hours ahead of EST.

Yep. Came on at 12 o’clock local UK time but it was glitchy and it wasn’t all uploaded so watched about 5 minutes of it, and left it for Tuesday. Still its there.