Question On Ranked

To get all the skins can you just reach masters on one mode? Or do you need to reach master on one specific mode to get a corresponding skin?

For ranked , it can be any mode. The rank rewards are the same.

Ok nice so just reach masters in 1 mode

Are rewards based on highest rank achieved? Or current rank at end of season?

Meaning if I get Masters and drop to diamond 3, will I get a masters skin at the end of the season, or just the diamond skins?


It’s weird though I reached onyx and I don’t have onyx lancer I have onyx gnashes though

They are season locked.

Lancer was for season 1.

Gnasher was for season 2.


It’s—Just not worth it.


They also gave out Longshot and Enforcer for Season 2

It’s worth it to me but I’ve been lucky to hit the tiers I wanted

Since Ranked Matchmaking is “broken” it might not be worth it to anyone who wants Masters

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I just want the skins it might not seem big but I love as much skins as possible