Question on engineer build?

I am confused with how his build work?

I understand if I build it it will have my card benefit, but if I build lvl 1 but other class upgrade it, will it still have my advantage on items like stronger barrier and faster reload locker? Also if I join a mid game will my card benefit previously build by other class in game? And if I left the game will all items will lost it advantage instantly like weaker barrier and slower locker reload?
And if I upgrade previous other class build item will it now have my card benefit?

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When gou leave a match, all those buffs do too.

When another class upgrades it should still have your buffs. As long as you bought it. Still don recommend having other classes upgrade as it’s expensive.

No those fortifications won’t get your buff when you join. Others bought it not you.

If you upgrade a previous class build I’m sure it doesn’t give it buffs. You didn’t build it.

These are my observations, I could be wrong however. But Im 100% sure on the first 2. The last 2 around 80%.

I think the exception to the rule is the Robotics Expert if they have either the Global Overclock and/or Global MG Sentries though right? That applies to mid-game joining too…?

Yeah, but I think those are the only 2 exceptions.

I don’t think this is true, especially on Mechanic class. Mechanic must buy and upgrade everything, to apply their perk and cards buffs.

Robotics Expert, anyone could buy fort but Robotics must do it if they spent fort perks already. You can even have +60% fort health perk, so it’s better Engineers do it.

Simply put, it’s always better Engineers buy and upgrade because it’s chesper, even the passive -15% discount, and can apply fort perks on them, between health and resistances. If no Engineer, anyone can buy.

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So it’s useless for del to upgrade other class build? It’s better rebuild new set barrier and locker? How about if engineer got knockout accidentally and rejoin back same game? Does his previous build buff gone even he rejoin same game?