Question of myrrah and reyna

If myrrah loved reyna then WHY would she try to posses her, wouldn’t she be happy that her daughter is alive :thinking::pensive:

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Her daughter wasn’t alive at the time of possession. Queen Myrrah possessed her corpse as Kait was too weak to accept her destiny.

She was also delighted her daughter was alive, but the deception also fuelled her hatred for humanity more.
It also didn’t help that Reyna was in hiding with her father, Dr Torres, throughout most of her life until the Locust War. Ukkon murdered her Father but spared her due to finding the Queen’s amulet and figuring out Reyna’s connection to her. That later turned out to be his undoing. She was captured, however, but rescued by Gabriel Diaz. Reyna then spent the remainder of the Locust War as a Stranded with Gabriel before later forming the Outsiders and giving birth to Kait. Some time later she was captured by the Speaker at Myrrah’s commmand and well, you know the rest.

That should clear up why it wasn’t so simple to connect with Reyna.


She loved her daughter, but she loves the locust/swarm more and will do whatever she has to in order to make sure they survive.

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Hmmm thanks I just needed to know😊

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