Question: how is it possible that I can't change my character while playing in casual matches?

that’s it, that’s the question.

You can’t easily set your character skins outside of a game.

If my buddy is hosting, I can’t change my character while in a game.

How is this even possible in a game that proposes to be a pvp game? Furthermore, why would I ever pay real money for a skin I can’t even equip?

    • I’m playing on xbox. Is there something I’m completely missing? Why is this so hard? - -

This has been an issue since the game was released. No way around it other than switching characters before joining your friend.

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it’s about RAM

the game needs to know, beforehand, what characters to load into memory. on SeriesXS and PC this probably wouldn’t be an issue but for XB1(2013) it is.

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I dont know, man. Epic was able to pull it off with their games on the Xbox 360. You could open up your option menus ingame and change your character for the next match.

In general though, character selection is a ■■■■■■■ nightmare in Gears 5. If you’re playing with friends on their host you have to leave the match and their lobby, search for a game, quickly change your character, cancel MM, then rejoin their lobby. In ranked you just gotta hope the game doesnt glitch and keep you on main menu while everyone’s voting.

In other words, it’s an effin disaster which they haven’t acknowledged once.


RAM? it’s just a missing option, that’s all. You can choose while being alone but cannot if you’re in a party and you’re not the host. This happens on my Xbox One X and to my friend on PC. A tweak on the UI would solve it but depending on how the game was coded might prove to be more trouble than it is worth.

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I also remember loading into matches constantly as the default gears 3 Marcus, so there’s that.

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THIS . . … is exactly what i’m talking about.
It seems like a no brainer as a feature. It was in all other gears games.

For me, even the character skin I choose (or think I’m choosing) out of game doesn’t turn up half the time.