Question for yall: I tend to preform poorly in games where my ping is really low (<10), what's happening?

In games where my ping is less than ten I tend to suck more than usual.

It feels like what I’m seeing on my screen is not what’s happening in the game.
For example, if I run up on someone, it seems I explode before I’m even close enough to fire.

If I “capture” the instance, what it shows me feels right, but it IS NOT what I was seeing on the screen when it happened.

Why is this happening?
Is it something with my xbox? Is it some sort of setting on my tv? I believe it is set to gaming, but it might still be underperforming.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance.

The few times that I found a match full of European players, I have ping of 5-20 and I play well (I’m not a pvp player, but I can defend myself and get MVP on Ranked a few times).

Now if I have the same ping vs mexican players, I’m just a walking target. I don’t do much and I appear as a newbie for the rest (I died before shooting the enemy, and even when I didn’t feel the lag, in Gnasher duels I died almost every time).

Now when I have a ping of 120+, it’s the same that vs mexicans.

And for some reason, I always find mexicans. Only a few are from other countries (Brazil) and obviously USA players


It’s ping variance and how the game contends with lag. Nothing to do with your television or Xbox. The most consitent and enjoyable matches will be those where every player is within a small window of similar ping. That situation will present all with the most accurate representation of the battlefield. When there are gaps in latency you will experience the Gears of Woe Headscratcher parade.

Low Pingers have a distinct advantage against me and my 30 -50 (lowbit rate) ping. Say low teens and sub ten. Also 80 to 130 pingers have a disntinct multifaceted advantage against me.


Lololol where the F have you been.
This has been an issue since day 1 of gears 5.
Ita called Lag comp.
But Tc will deny it.



I love the low ping if everyone is within a certain ping range of me. But usually when I’m below 20ms (especially below 10ms) there is someone at 100ms with spikes and my whole game runs poorly. I’d rather have a 40ms ping in these matches where I find my shots register and I don’t get a lot of weird rubberbanding. At a sub-20ms ping I get a ton of glitches and I just give up and get off the game if this becomes the norm for the night.

Low ping = Great when no one is really high and/or fluctuating. It’s terrible when players are fluctuating.

My group played the other day and my ping was around 30ms but the enemy team had a player going from 60-400ms all match. Every time his connection spiked it would cause issues on all of us for some reason. He could also shoot a drop shot with on my screen me being here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and his shot landing here but due to his high latency the game, for some reason, took his client and registered it. My friend saw this multiple times against me and was scratching his head because he saw what I saw – Dropshot missed more than 4x out of 1% damage range but I exploded.


I believe you.
In 2 v2. My ping was literally 4 to 6 ms and everyone elses were literally 80 to 100 ms.
Now you tell me. Im not going run into some serious bs.
When they shoot me. Thats exactly where i am on their screen. Im bascially a bot.
Yet. They eat shots like its nothing. Also when my ping is in the single digits. The movement is even slower. You cant bounce, it feels like there is even more input lag.

I just want a game tht plays fluid and not play completely different from day to day or match to match.

Yet TC thinks its better to keep messing with the tuning or slowing the game down even more. Which does absolutely NOTHING.
It doesnt fix any of the issues tht everyone keeps bringing up.
Im srry. I dont make videos games and know NOTHING about netcode.
But when people have been complaining about the samething for yrs now.
You cant tell me , it cant be fixed.
I dont even think they have even tried to mess with the syncing of each player on a server.

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It’s called getting better. Every match is different u gotta shoot a couple times then get use to it and hope u the best.

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I always suck at sub 10 ping.
Is there a way to lower my ping while playing?