Question for U.K. players

Do you guys feel it’s almost impossible to play after about 6pm?

After this time I basically have rubber bullets, one shotted from distance constantly, weapons like drop shot landed beside opponents and doing nothing.

Played 3 games just there, finished bottom in each of them, lost 1,232 points in the last one and dropped a skill division.

Maybe it’s just me who just isn’t as good as the players who play around this time? I don’t know, but it’s really frustrating!!

2200hrs it used to be dead, not sure if it is still the case. But i just do not play Horde at that time, unless i have been invited to a game by Forum Friends.
Also, i am guessing this is PvP related. If so, try Co-Op Vs A.I. it is better. No rubber banding, bullets or sheer ■■■■■■ Ball ■■■■■.

Only play social gridiron atm, so u get multiple ppl with ping upto 250. This includes splitscreen players.
As its a single life mode there isnt really alot going on as in koth, most matches r pretty smooth.

Tried gnasher only koth, got 1% in 1 hit yet i got gibbed. Gm mode is trash lagg fest.

Definetly agree OP,horde is the main game I play,but recently I spend more time with my family,Then this game .(sorry TC)I’m 18 re-up (81) to re-up 19.Its a struggle

After 6pm is perfect for master hoard, lots of games when the other side of the pond get going. Day time even with lockdown shows how few UK players are playing. It’s hard to find a game in horde, escape or versus with any population. But to be honest all gears games have been that way for me during the uk day. Gears isn’t that popular here.

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Connection just varies not depending on time. Sometimes I find that if it’s bad I restart the disk and it’s better but it doesn’t always work. The game is random. Sometimes it feels like I’m hitting them with a hammer, other times I’m tickling them. What I will say is there’s a lot more better players turn up on ranked KOTH at around 10pm.

Maybe it’s something to do with more network traffic in your area at that time once people come home from work?

After 10PM I struggle. But around 6-10PM, especially on PvE modes, there are plenty of games with good connections, I cant speak much for VS but for PvE modes it isn’t too bad.

I can pretty much find games at any time and have less than 10 ping most of the time…

I just play CO-OP vs AI but yes I get games where there are only 2 or 3 of us, Horde though is where the fun begins. Since playing Gears 5 just over a month ago, I have never been in a full match at the start of a game, only very rarely do I get a full game 2 hours in.

Searching for any Ranked matches the average wait time for me is 15 minutes, and by that point I just stop looking. Unranked, the average wait time for me is about 5 to 8 minutes, and again, it’s never full matches.

Playing just now and WOW, Its horrendous!!

My guns only have rubber bullets, constantly sticking to walls, blah blah blah.

Played this afternoon and not an issue. Although every game I’ve played so far, must be roughly 12, I’ve started from the back of the grid each time, which also annoys me about this game!!