Question for those who want Wingman

Gears 2 and Gears 3, I loved Wingman it was a great mode. I have a question though.

Gears 2 and Gears 3, Execution was also a great mode.

Gears 5, everytime TC add a single life mode none of you play it enough for them to keep the mode populated. ALSO, most of you have done nothing but complain about TDM being a max squad of 2 because you want to play with friends.

Why on Earth do you keep asking for Wingman when seemingly it’s not what people even want to actually play?


2 makes sense for wingman it doesn’t for team based modes where YOU ARE MEANT to play with 5 people.

Plus wingman is way more fun than TDM and KOTH, I’d play the ■■■■ out of it if it was back I always played single life game modes in the older games but they were barely populated.

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The reality is that constant respawn modes allow players to more efficiently grind for medals and achievements while single elimination modes take longer, thus people will play them less. I think that between that fact and the casual audience who is more used to CoD and Halo type formats, single elimination modes will always have lower player counts than other game types.

It’s unfortunate because I prefer Execution/Dodgeball/Gridiron, but it is what it is. I just wish 2v2 Gnashers were Wingman or Execution instead, is all.

Wingman really has the base of a BR. Literally take classic wingman, everyone starts off with a gnasher only, skilled weapons only as pickups, maybe a boom or drop at center map. Storm closes in to force fights.

Itd have to be a mini BR mode, in order to retain classic gears game play (especially with how great the new tuning is).

Obviously this would be something for a future title, but it’s a unique opportunity to tap into a nostalgic mode, while also giving a twist on the BR that could work for gears.

would it be limited to a party of 1 for better matchmaking, playability, map spacing and skill pairings?

it’s just another nostalgia ask. TC needs to stop wasting time on new modes, the population can’t support them

it happens every dev stream. someone types Wingman in chat and a bunch of parrots clatter back, just like the 4v4 thing or River.


I blame team deathmatch. Feel like all the casuals and everyone just flock to that game mode.

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I’ve never seen it as a mode I’d love either.

I wish we had Guardian with Leader spawns vs Team Spawns.

we could use a more modern version of wingman

single life, single round
10 players, 5 squads of 2
you spawn, die and load the next MATCH
all of this while escape poison shrinks the map forcing players into battle

basically a battle royale and we already have maps that are big enough to support this

We have literally no proof of that. We can’t see the numbers. Just like vaulting skins. It isn’t a physical store where they only have a limited amount of shelf space. same with the lists of modes. Leave ■■■■ alone where it is TC. It doesn’t hurt anybody if it’s there. It’s BUILT INTO the damn game code. If people want to play it they should be able to. It’s not neccesary for TC to curate anything based on numbers. Removing things people like alienate them. Just leave ■■■■ alone. Also Free for All should be in quickplay. There’s no reason all modes should not be in quickplay but free for all is the most casual af mode there is now that the try hards have it ranked. I loved it in Judgment and could get top 3 consistently. When TC reintroduced it all the try hards were dragging it down. Now they have ranked so put it back in for us filthy casuals so we aren’t destroyed by them. Also 4v4 sucks for respawn modes.

■■■■ battle royale. It’s a dead genre at this point. TC already adding the stupid ■■■ rainbow crossover skins. It needs to stop. But I guarantee Gears 6 will probably have it. They gave us nasty ■■■ River.

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Music for my ears :black_heart:

TC have stated this numerous times that modes are pulled from Ranked due to not having enough numbers to keep the mode healthy. For example Execution.

TC can SAY anything. Doesn’t mean it’s true.