Question for the devs!

By any chance will you guys be implementing, or has the team talked at all about implementing AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution to gears 5? I know the game is at the end of its life cycle but it would be cool to see the performance gains would be on this title. Just curious. @TC_Sera, @TC_Shauny

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@TC_Clown is this an option?

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yea its on the game level so the developers have to choose to put it in their game or not. I really hope they do considering iv read and heard that other devs were able to get it running on their games in a very short amount of time.

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tbh I’d expect it in the next game as they mentioned that after OP8 they will focus on the new Unreal Engine

They already said they broke the game to the point where they are comfortable


If anyone can do it
It’s them

Putting gears 5 aside ? These guys are top tier devs

just put it in rice



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Windows 11 might give a fps boost and FSR also might but I don’t have my hopes high.

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I honestly had the same thoughts but i figured i would see what you guys and the devs think

Naw dude it’s not
It’s weird to give them praise on the forums
But hey
They are the only devs using tier 2 VRS
And on 2 seperate games
Rdna 2 next gen feature

They need to add a toggle for triple buffering, vsync and post processing first for console


the list supporting this has one MS dev on it but with TC trying to button up the game it’s hard to say.

it would be a nice parting gift to send the game off though.

More content, more often.

lol AKA " less content, split up"