Question for TC (multiplayer)

I’ve played gears of war 4 for 2,393 hours and 6 minutes. 95% of that is multiplayer and here is my question for y’all

Why do you feel like you need to nerf movement.
Since the start of Gears 4 it was limited to a quick 2 bounce then a pause. Then a couple of years later they decided to bring back the speed of movement once the player base has dropped.

I was hoping they copied and pasted gears 4 movement to gears 5, but now here is gears 5 with sluggish movement, short distance cover hop, 6 round gnasher, longer roll penalties and etc. Felt like it penalized veterans. They can’t even decide to keep active reloads ffs. Almost a year later they increase the distance to cover hop added 8 rounds to the Gnasher and hey, look at me. I’m playing gears 5 now.

The only thing I’ve felt they got right is the netcode

I still play gears because there is no other game like this to me. The way you can outplay your opponents by movements, making them miss. there is nothing like it. You can see it in every player. Every good player I’ve came across in gears 4 has there own unique style of movement and play style

I don’t want to wait a year after gears 6 release to play it
3rd time should be the charm? Let’s ■■■■■■■ hope so