Question for Newly Returned Horde Player


So basically I quit playing the game around February, when I got bored and tired of waiting for Op3 to start (it got delayed several weeks I believe), and JD was massively overpowered in Horde.

Came back about a month ago, and have been playing some Horde again here and there, but have some questions based on what I’ve been seeing:

  1. Do Del/Baird cards still only apply to fortifications THEY build? I noticed you don’t take “ownership” of fortifications any more when you upgrade them, but I’m unclear if it’s still the case that you need to “own” the fortification for your perks to apply. Is it a team-wide thing?

I only ask because I’ve encountered a massive amount of non-engis seemingly building whatever they want, all the time, and it left me wondering if something changed (or if I’ve encountered an epidemic of noobs).

  1. Was there any meta change to how to build in Horde? Placement, build order, etc. People seem to have an issue with building regular sentries - is there a reason for that?

  2. Who are generally considered the best damage dealers in the Horde meta right now, and why? It seems like Marcus is favoured at the moment, but that’s all I’ve been able to ascertain for certain.

I know classses/characters are being split tomorrow, so replace character names with class names as necessary.

The main damage dealers I saw was still JD,Kait and now Marcus and Fahz and maybe Lizzie and Clay but tomorrow that’s being remedied. As for the sentry thing people realized compiling a base with too many fortifications like sentries got tiresome and in the way all the time especially since it was only used as a means to attain free kills.

Meta changes tomorrow to basically all past knowledge of horde will be forfeit. You came just in time I guess

Edit:ALMOST all past knowledge

The Engineer perks weren’t added in Op 4. They should tomorrow / today.

They meant engineer skills/cards, not what we know as ‘perks’ in Gears 5. In some (RPG? not sure any longer) games, a character’s skills or abilities are sometimes referred to as ‘perks’ iirc.

There is an epidemic of noobs, since the fabricator was changed to allow everyone to build it’s quite common to see DPS classes building MG sentries even when there’s an engineer in the match who could build things for cheaper.

There is an issue with building regular sentries, in part due to everyone who shouldn’t be building at all building them, and also because of engineers building them at wave 1 instead of first supplying the team with lockers.

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Oh… so just the same noob stuff I was dealing with a year ago then, lol.

Pretty much, only it’s much more widespread now I think.