Question do you guys

When you get limited edition controllers like gears 4 and gears 5 one and the new cyberpunk one do you guys use yours or do you keep it in the box?

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Out of all my remotes (360 and One)

That classic white 360 remote.
I own the Gears 3 Console Controller.
2-3 different Xbox One remotes.
And the Gears 5 Kait remote.

Normally I won’t use the Special remotes, leaving them on special stands I crafted and varnished from oak, allowing them to stay on display while I use my standard ones. But if I feel like it–I’ll use them.

It’s like buying an expensive car. Yeah you don’t wanna wear it out–but you also wanna drive the ■■■■ out of that thing.


I currently use my gears 5 one ( i got the special gears 5 one x council)
I like collecting stuff, but I’m not the type who wants to keep things in “mint” condition. I have no intention of selling it in the future its all stuff for my enjoyment so I use my stuff.


I only buy controllers to use, not a fan of stashing stuff away in hopes it goes up in value or something, tho to be fair, if I bought a new console with a limited edition pad it’ll prob get stashed away cuz it wouldn’t be an elite, elite pads FTW :grin:

Mint haaahaha, I won’t miss the old elite rubber grips, jus falls apart, but I do wish I could get a new model gears elite, jus a dust collector now this ol used thing

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When I get special edition gamer stuff I usually stash it away, then end I inevitably up selling it because I’m not using it.

I have the 4 and the 5, used em both… now my roommate uses my Red one (4) when he plays with me, as I now use the 5.

You cant just come in here and say something like that without pics man lol

This sounds awesome so you definitely have to post a pic or 2.

I used to have my Marcus statue on display with the Gears 360 and controller but since I moved I havent found a good set up for them yet

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I had a Marcus statue with my Kratos and JD in a set with my Lancer replica and remotes–until my dogs decided the Fenix family made good chew toys.

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Use all of them.
Frustratingly my JD pad has a broken left thumbstick though, it just “freewheels” in the pad. I keep meaning to buy a fixing kit.

currently I have
2x crimson (lovely) 1 crimson stand. These are very hard to get, uk at least.
1 x (broken) JD
3 x Kait
2 x Gears 3.

Non Gears
Standard white
White phantom ?
Standard black

I’m going to buy the phantom megenta one. TC do make a sexy pad!

Got the Gears of War 4 controller.

Use it,

worn the sticks out (which never happened to my 360 controllers and they are still going)

Stripped controller and replaced the sticks.

Carry on using it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have the JD controller from Gears 4, which struggled from bumper problems near the end, also the headphone jack wasn’t working.

Currently I’m using the Kait controller. I really like the rubber grip on the bottom of the controller.

I’ve gone through so many controllers, that have broken through wear and tear. For reference my 360 controller that I had all the way back in 2008 still works fine. I still use it to this day.

I’ve gone through 5 controllers for the XO, all mainly suffering from headphone jack and bumper problems, which sucks on a game like Gears. The problem is probably amplified because I use the Tournament scheme, but I don’t really want to change (in fact I’m waiting for the Slayer scheme to come out so I can learn that).

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I use them and then put them on display after their useful life is over. I take care of my stuff, so it makes as nice of a display as it would new from box.

I’m actually in search of the red Gears Xbox one S for display. Not paying full price though. Just want one with a shell in good condition.

I use mine. I have the Kait LE controller and after 7 months, it’s still in good condition. Nothing peeled or anything. My older one had a button that didn’t click anymore, even though still works. And having two working controllers was useful for split screen.

I used my red Gears 3 Locust controller for years. Sadly it had an unfortunate accident somewhere along the line in my final year of Gears 3.

What remains of it was cherished and kept safe as nostalgic memorabilia.

May I ask if it happened while trying to defeat Myrrah’s Tempest on Insane? Cause that sure seems like a game encounter that could lead to the demise of a controller.

Could of course be an entirely different reason. Just thinking of a plausible cause.

I use my “special” controllers, though I only have two of those(Gears 5 one and a H3 ODST 360 controller), both currently still in entirely functional order. And yes, the rubber on the Gears 5 controller is still on.

Yes I’ve got the Kate controller,just sitting on the shelf to display.:sunglasses:

I like to use mine. I have the limited edition red one that came with the red xbox one s from gears 4 that I have used so much I have had to replace its insides twice. The other controller I use now is a plain controller that I bought the Kait outer shell to put around it because I really didn’t need another controller. Those rubber grips are nice I hope they hold up not being the actual controller.