QUESTION: Custom Escape Maps... should they could towards medal progress now?

Since TC said escape is basically done, what’s the harm is letting custom maps count towards our progress?? How about community made maps that get rotated in daily/weekly based on amount of votes/likes?

Don’t get me wrong…, I think the focus should be on PvP/horde maps now, but I know there’s a bunch of ppl who like escape more than PvP & horde. Why not allow some freedom in escape now that TC is moving away from it? It kind of sends the wrong signal that some modes are being left to die. Recent conversations I’ve been having have brought to light that ppl really enjoy escape… so why not? @TC_Sera is there any way to pass this up the food chain? Don’t see any harm in it.

EDIT: I should specify… I’ve been reading/hearing ppl are upset over TC focusing on PvP over escape now. I meant, should the maps found in the map editor section that are community created (the ones that are above a certain like percentage) be added to the weekly rotation that pays out cxp, gears coins and all that good stuff? I know you can farm stuff on custom maps, but should they be included as maps that extend escape’s lifecycle? That’s kinda of what I mean along with “medal progress.”

I think it’ll never be counting towards any medal due to abusing enemies and bosses spawn count.

It would be nice to get at least card for finishing chapter and 50% of standard character XP, but I doubt it’ll ever give anything in any form.


There is literally a custom map named “100k Farm”.

Says it all really.


I assume you mean that’s for easily doing certain achievements, but I meant more of a “should custom maps rotate into playable maps as a daily/weekly thing” like we currently have with the daily payout stuff (the ones that pay out cxp and coins for daily reward completions).

Personally, I know where it would lead (like you said, 100k farm), but it seems there’s quite a few vocal ppl upset over the decision to stop making escape maps, so I was curious if the maps that aren’t just farmable kill maps, the actual ones that have replay value and high ratings, if they should be used to continue where TC has left off.

(I can do without them since I’m all for new PvP/horde maps, but there’s quite a few upset ppl wanting escape to stay relevant & this seems like one way to do that)

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I know what you meant. It would be good to have them as a Daily Hive if the community could be trusted not to exploit it for personal gain. Sadly, that wouldn’t be true for the vast majority.

I’m sure they’ll pay more attention to Escape in time.

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Yep… completely agree with ya… and yes, a lot of the community would exploit them if they could then I bet they’d complain there isn’t enough challenge… It’s just the era we live in.

Besides all that… I was just curious since some ppl strictly play escape, and in time, it could hurt gears 5 with less ppl playing. Overall, I’m hoping we see some good gow2/3 era PvP maps return while tc “laser focus” on more maps. Anyways… I’m always worried about this franchise, but hopefully it’ll right itself one day. Guess we’ll see…


I’d be for that if there is some kind of curation, like Community/Coalition approved but that is tough. Otherwise same reason they don’t let custom games count for pvp.

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The idiot creator doesn’t know they don’t actually work I guess… but That’s one of the first things told us.

I know. Makes it all the more amusing.

It would be cool if TC would allow for players to design Escape maps that could be added to the list. Like some players design a few maps and send it off to TC and then TC either give it the green light or at least tell the player why it can not be added to the list. There has to be alot, if not some, of players out there who design maps for escape and not maps that allow players to exploit their way to the LZ lol.

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Could work if the map editor wasn’t inherently broken.

Probably not because people will exploit it. It’s sad but true.