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Question about Xbox One M&K


I know Mouse and Keyboard has been implemented into Xbox One. I know that Gears 5 supports it. My question is - is there some sort of indicator for those using M&K? And are M&K users mixed in with gamepad users in ranked matches?

In other words are gamepad users blindly playing with M&K users in arcade and ranked as we speak?

They aren’t two different species. Every Xbox owner can use a mouse of they feel it’s such an advantage. I really wish most of them would try, then they might cut the excuses.


So this is the case? I can hook a M&K up to my xbox right now and play with anyone on any playlist?

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I’m pretty sure the game recognizes what you have plugged in and will put in the your respective lobby.

At this rate they might as well indicate who has better headphones or who has a better gaming chair

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The game does not do this. Someone asked about this on a dev stream and Ryan Cleven explained that they had no plans to implement that. You may be thinking off the cross play toggle that allows xbox users to turn off searching against pc users in ranked.

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It tells you whose playing on a PC, but M&K native to Xbox is new. This may very well be the only console shooter out there that blends M&K with gamepad without notification or segregated control input lobbies. I could be wrong about that but if there are, I havent heard of them.

I was more thinking about it because other games that have the support do split them in their own lobbies , so i would assume the same for gears. (fortnite)

i did a quick search and found this don’t know how old or relevent it is at this time.
so it seems i was wrong.

The Coalition started mixing PC and Xbox One players in ranked playlists after it found there wasn’t a real skill disparity between gamepad and keyboard/mouse users.


Same games definitely would, especially if they could support splitting the population and not result in poor matchmaking times or skill matches.