Question about weekly escape hives

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What does this mean?

I have circled it in the picture above.

1 Bonus-card for completion + 1 for each completed act until they’re depleted. Use them wisely i.e. on Master-difficulty for increased droprate.


Does the bonus card have any such special property of having a higher chance of it being a gold or purple card?
Or does it possess no such special ability?

Nah, might feel like it does. But in the end it’s all luck-based.


Thanks for answering my question!

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Just to add that all Hives have this feature, not just the weekly ones or the “past hives” section. If you start up a lobby, choose any Hive and click on the mutators/difficulty section (buttom left menu) you will see the same number format xx/xx indicating how many you have left.

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Well it’s basically one bonus card per act since the completion of a hive is also “an act”, e.g. from saferoom to the end of a hive is an ect.

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Since this is about weekly Hives I thought I would tag on another question.

So when you place on the leader boards can you knock yourself down a few places? For Example I am currently in the 1% (don’t know how lol) on the current hive but I am wondering if I do it again with a worse time will I drop down or do I drop down when other players get a better score than me?

No, your best time remains.

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Nope, leaderboards always count your best score. Every player only gets to appear on the leaderboard once, so for example, a group of players wouldn’t be able to monopolise the top 1% with high scores.

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