Question about unlocking op3 characters?

Since each character only takes 30,000xp to unlock now witch is awesome on TC part, how fast does it take to hit 30,000xp for a character?

Half the time it took to hit 60k… if you haven’t been paying attention, try using google, or just play the game.


I think the fastest would probably getting 16 ribbons on an Escape run, on Elite and upwards. It would take 2-3 of them for one totem(one Elite Escape with 16 ribbons nets you around 12,000-14,000 XP). Would be just under an hour if you got that many consistently.

Otherwise… you’d probably still be looking at a minimum of 2h30 of gameplay in PvE to unlock this. I think, anyway. Just a guess…

That’s like nothing though, plus the boost if you have any.

My numbers were with Boost. You’d have to basically cut the XP in half or double the numbers without.

But it’s really not that long. Unless you only have two hours per week to play or something.

Oh gotcha. The last character I unlocked was COG Gear and Warden, I just bought the OP 2 Pass.

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There’s no need to be so cruel, wishing such suffering on someone.


I know JD can get 40k in 35 mins if do Master 41-50.

But Escape might be doable on Insane or Incon for 13k~ in 10-15 mins. Maybe 30 to 45 mins. So under hour.

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Clock runs!

With my xp method I can get it in 30 minutes.

But any of the methods stated above are quick as well.