Question about the ranking system in matchmaking

Why the heck am I always the top rank on my team? Atleast consistently it seems to be that way.
And another thing, why do I have to move on the objective for us to win? It’s like the universe does revolve around me lol. And this isn’t speaking out of pride, it’s about exactly what i’m seeing.

What mode

Do it, son. Aim that pistol high, high, high.


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It does this to me when I go solo for some reason. Maybe because there’s a lot of lower level solo players out there and many of the higher ranks are playing in groups? Who knows. I just know that there’s been a lot of times when I’m supposed to carry lower level players against enemies with a much higher median rank.

Problem with this system is that instead of giving me a promotion for a great performance, I get a demotion because a couple of the guys went like 2-12 and lost us the match.


That sounds logical to me… thank ya sir, I just had a bit of confusion.

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You play with whoever is available to play with when you want to play… if only lower ranked players that’s all you get. If only higher, that’s what you get. Or mixed…

Koth and TDM