Question about the new GT system

I know this isn’t directly related to Gears, but more a XBL question, but figured somebody here may have an answer.

So I noticed the other day that MS has changed the GT system to mirror the system in Discord, as in you can use a GT that’s already taken, but a #xxxx will be added next to your name.

My question is, in-game, will people be able to see the # or will they see the name only?

For people’s info, MS has provided people with one free GT change with the introduction of this new system, so if you were thinking of changing GTs, now’s a good time.

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some of my friend have change their name and if the name its already taken it puts some numbers after the name.

So basically @III_Essence it works the same as before just that some special characters you can add up to the GT.

I know that, but my question is if whether or not those number appear in-game. Like if I were to pick Essence, will people see just Essence in a game or Essence#1748?

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the would appear like that. Since I have seen that happening into my friends Gt’s. correct.

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Gotcha, thanks for the info.

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most welcome :slight_smile: