Question about the Gears universe?

  1. On the wiki page it it goes into more detail on how the locusts crystallised but it also mentions other details such as diamonds breaking when shot at it, where is this info told as i assumed no books are even close to Gears of war 4? It also mentions that Marcus and Anya was at a burial site together.

  2. Why was it exactly why Adam Fenix was upset at the end of Gears 2, he mentioned that sinking it was a good idea yet after the credits he was unhappy, with what exactly?

  3. In Gears 2 the bomb is destroyed when it falls into the imulsion, why? Isnt it made to survive in imulsion like in Gears 1 when its essentially swimming in it? Possibly still being able to be set off remotely?

  4. What was the lightmass bomb exactly and how did it effect the locust in Gears 1? Im wondering if it could have affected lambent enemies differently as it did turn imulsion into gas.

  5. Does the ICM at the end of Gears 3 only turn humans and lambent to ash whereas locusts i assume fell down and crystallised?

  6. Where are the crystallised version of other locusts such as berserkers and corspers, how did they even lift them?

  7. Is there a reason why the train was moving when Marcus and Dom boarded it in Gears 1? Did the locusts hijack at some point and somehow know of the humans plans?

  8. Why does the ICM at the end of Gears 3 only affect lambent and locusts? What about the locusts not infected by lambency, does this matter or is that the weapon also targeted something unique to locusts as well?

  1. Gears 4 collectibles? Don’t remember.

  2. I think whatever they meant with that line they forgot and retconned in gears 3. But maybe it was because the flooding would make the lambent swim to the surface.

  3. I think it broke before one could activate the swimming controls, the raven where it was at exploded. It need to be fully intact to function,

  4. From the wiki

While it is always referred to as a bomb, it functions as a cluster of highly explosive guided missiles/torpedoes in practice. Due to the nature of the Hollow and it’s Imulsion-flooded tunnels, this torpedo-based design was the most efficient way to deploy the Lightmass warheads. Consequently, the weapon requires an immense amount of data on the area between the launch point and targets to guide the individual projectiles. It is a very destructive weapon when used effectively.

  1. It turn those more infected with imulsion on ash, lambents. Some of the locust that weren’t so infected entered in a coma, then became scions. Only few survived.

  2. Not sure if all hollow creatures died, some are not locust, they are indigenous to the hollow and not all were lambent, we never saw a lambent corpser. There too few berserkers, since of a few of the drones survived, I doubt any berserkers did.

  3. From the wiki

In the PC version of Gears of War, Anya Stroud updates Delta squad on the status of the Tyro Pillar while they try to reach Timgad Station. It is during this time that Locusts attack, board, and hijack the Tyro Pillar. By the end of the Jurassic Proportions, Delta is informed they are going to have to jump on the stolen train as it passes through the station.

  1. Lots of humans died too. All locust seemed to have some degree of imulsion exposure. None were 100% unlambent.

Thanks, i did actually research all posts eventually and came to same conclusion as you.

The only thing i disagree with is that you say berserkers werent crystallised due to not being too many yet there are likely less brumaks yet they were brought back.

I also believe we see a berserker in the Gears 5 trailer and i fully expect them back. I just want the other such as bloodmounts to come back.