Question about the DLC-chapters

Parasidian confirmed the final boss in Gears 4 is called “that” and posted this on twitter.

Worst name for a boss ever imo.

Achievement reveals the name upon killing him

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Did it? I’ma have to check it cause I definitely don’t remember that.

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Well, they should make their mind up then, their own achievement-list disagrees with them.

It is a bit odd.

Here is the tweet for reference

and here is Sid following up on someone pointing out the same thing as you

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Holy moly, they actually went through and changed the achievement-description to “Hive boss”. I’m 100% certain it was Hydra at some point.

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I remember aswell, than in the achievement was hydra

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Hydra was Skorge’s modified reaver, wouldn’t surprise me if the initial design was supposed to be a modified version of it.

Yeah, I know but it WAS Hydra at some point. That’s why I always referred to it as such.

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I believe you :slight_smile:

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Ah well, learnt something new today. That TC is st… sometimes.

I’m kinda curious though if there’s a site that archives changes to achievements.

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TC makes a few lore retcons every so often I really don’t like.

Context for the posted screenshot below:

Minor Easter Egg continuity nod DLC Spoiler...

there’s a photo on Hoff’s desk of Hoffman and Bernie in a dress standing on a beach.

Show don’t tell, TC. More like this but have it be like Anya’s grave where we have to look for things in the levels to find extra stuff. Maybe have

character's name hidden same reason as above


Last will or her medals or something as a collectible in the future.
[Seriously why won’t the blur spoiler thing work on mobile?]

I might just be tired but I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here. Did one of the new guys at TC claim that Bernie is dead?

Bonnie Jean Mah is the head of the story team…or something. And confirmed that Bernie is dead on stream. But like with Lizzie’s death being confirmed offscreen along with Gary Carmine (who was a throwaway tbh), they could have mentioned in the game in stead of literally telling us elsewhere.

Edited. Yes. I posted a screenshot from reddit.

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One of the Collectables in Gears 4 was a Letter from Bernie with her Last Will in it she
bequeath everything she owned to Hoffman.

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Even her kitten booties? :grin:

probably :joy:

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Yet Bernie was standing 5 feet away from where we find said collectible and she’s alive many days afterward in Gears 3 ending cutscene. These people don’t pay attention to their own franchise lore.

Maybe that one was an evil twin!? :smirk:

What did i just read? :woozy_face: :joy: