Question about the DLC-chapters

Is Chapter 3 missing from the DLC? I have one hidden story cheevo locked, overall progress is stuck at 83% and there is no collectible-tab for Ch3.

Haven’t played it yet, but my first inclination is to guess that chapter 3 doesn’t have any collectibles?

Again, just guessing based off your post.

Ch3 could be the gate-ride in the lava. But there’s no indicator for Ch3 which is weird. I’ve figured out that the hidden cheevo is just bugged, it’s in CH5 or 6. Probably unlocks tomorrow once the servers have less pressure on them.

I should probably check the chapter select but haven’t yet.

If it’s any consolation I just spent the last 5hrs dling the update only to finally get into the game and have it tell me I have to install the dlc so at this point I’d take a glitched cheevo.

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“Enter Hivebusters” achievement must be bugged. Stuck at 83% and I have done all chapters in the entire DLC, twice now!

Insane unlocked with a slight delay, but yeah, all chapters is still stuck for me.

Is nobody die in this Campaign!? :neutral_face:
Still I don’t own this DLC. But got the new boss in Horde Frenzy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can he fly and crawl through the floor in Horde as well?

Exactly why I didn’t spend $20.

All campaigns have been super buggy yet want me to pay for an unfinished product when they should just let everyone play it.

Especially loyal fans who supported 100% profit instead of supporting them by a fraction of a penny through game pass.

I’m not here to argue. Just to express. No need to get triggered everyone.


The campaign itself is bugfree though. 2 playthroughs so far and not a single bug on my end. And the cheevo thing might just be the servers dealing with all these “new” players.


And its acid is no joke! Stronger then the acid of Carrier and Snatcher! :frowning:


I YouTubed it & I can’t make sense of the boss or how it exist or the relevance this creature has to gears of war.

Maybe I missed something.


Play the story maybe? No final boss makes sense if you just watch the bossfight itself


I watched the whole dlc to see if it’s worth it.

I know TC didn’t even have a name for the boss in gears 4.

& the rift worm casually stops by the giant gun that can kill it to fight with its tongues in 5 after destroying a city…

I’ll just be quite before I trigger someone playing a MA game…


Cause that’s totally the same thing…

The Hydra?

The Kraken?

Listen, no offense here. not caring about the story is one thing. Not paying attention and then complaining that nothing makes sense is another.


Do you know with what kind of ennemie is spawn ?

Deebee, imago or drone/ leeches ?

Not it boss.

TC doesn’t even know their names.

This is the Hydra

& still don’t understand why a creature would stop chasing In front of a 50 foot rail gun after it destroys an entire city & travels across continents to get you.

You feel me.

Not trying to be rude.

I got the proof so I’m not just making it up…

Anyway, don’t wanna derail your post.

Have a good time.

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That’s some random website not affiliated with TC. TC provided a name for the boss within the game.

Gameplay-reasons, if you try to argue with logic humanity wouldn’t have survived E-Day.


I don’t recall any name being given to the hive beast in Gears 4. It’s only referred to as “That” even when the objective marker to kill it pops up. Unless I’m misremembering which is possible.