Question about the Blueprint Weapon Skin Set

At what point did this skin become a Legacy Skin set = to x18 skins vs it being in the full set section with x19 skins. Why because this skin has never ever come out in the past or have I ever heard about this skin from the past so if it has never came out in the past then it should be moved over to full set x19 skins

It’s probably just old content that they have been sitting on. There probably isn’t a Scorcher skin. At this point, we’re just getting the leftovers.


Anything they don’t feel like making a scorcher skin for (which is probably everything for now on) gets labeled as a legacy set, just to set it apart from a full set that has a scorcher skin.

Just like the chalkboard escape skins, not all of them had full weapon skins released as rewards, so they put together full “legacy” sets for chalkboard & blueprint and threw em in the store.

EDIT: Keep in mind that there are even more weapons that were quietly added to custom games, like the markza mk.2 & the hammer of dawn, and they don’t have skins, so when it’s a legacy set, it’s just the original 18 weapons minus the scorcher and when it’s a full set it’s the 19 that includes the scorcher. Even tho there’s more than 19 weapons, they’re not considered part of a “full” set.