Question about split screens

So lately I’ve been seeing “Gamertag(1)” in ranked KOTH. Is this split screening. I remeber the older games if it had the (1) next to the gamertag it was someone playing on split screen

Yeah, it’s pretty rare in multiplayer nowadays.

But I thought split screen wasn’t allowed in ranked? Am I missing something?

Was there two of the same gamertag? Or just one with (1) ? Because if just the one they were probably using the guest account without realising.

Me and my brother play split screen occasionally. But it’s not preferable . It makes the individual screen(s) much smaller, and causes really bad lagging

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it was the same name. @DAVID_THE_CLOWN were you playing ranked?

When we spit screen, yes. Or sometimes Horde

I always thought you couldn’t split screen in ranked at least you couldn’t in previous gears. Kinda not fair to the rest of the players

I can see how people could exploit that. But like I said, the lag is dramatically increased (at least for us) to the point where I cant wall-bounce, and everything happens 1/8 of a second before I can react. I started to go down dramatically in rank because of this. So no, we don’t split-screen much anymore.

Had some in ranked KOTH last night.

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Split screen players has a huge disadvantage just because 30fps, I can’t even Aim with it in versus, Somehow I can in horde lol

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I just find it funny that TC has stated something along the lines of ranked has integrity or something like that yet theres all these problems plus split screening

I could be wrong. But I don’t think that split screeners have that much of an advantage. As someone who has played split, party, and solo, I can tell you that split is by far hardest and my least favorite way of playing.

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In a perfect world of course it is not considered an advantage, quite the opposite actually. The problem is the netcode that translates into higher pings for both of you all we all know how that works.

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The only reason I brought it up was because it happened twice in the last 2 nights, both times were high ping bullet sponges. So not only do you have 1 person messing up the room now you have 2 on the same connection


While it’s not ideal in ranked or competitive modes, this game is plagued with enough problems not to worry over this one. At the heart of the game, Gears was and should always be intended as a couch coop game. Gears 3 had the best split screen by far. I certainly hope that Gears 5 will improve functionality for split screen players. Never bothered me playing Horde or campaign on Gears 3 with another person. I find it unbearable in Gears 4.

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This is true not really playable is splitscreen on vs which is a shame, horde is playable though as its not as intense but still not great and the smaller screens whats all that about.

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Yes. My point exactly

My brother and I would do this all the time in gears 2. Don’t know about after that as we got our own machines.

My brother stopped playing Gears and now plays Titan Fall and Battlefront…On my machine🤣

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