Question about Pre-order for Gears 5

so i want to get Gears 5 on steam but the pre-order versions aren’t available yet why? so im confused i know the game is fully Cross-platform so if i buy on steam will i have on windows store/game pass as well? since steam version will require xbox account.
I just prefer to have on steam do to the forums, reviews and population count etc would be bummed if there isn’t any pre -order versions on steam

I’m curious too, I think they will explain soon in these upcoming months.

If you buy it on Steam, I’m sure it will be locked to Steam.

But, since TC haven’t confirmed this, at least from what I’ve seen, it will be a case of wait and see for now as I’m sure they will confirm Steam Details soon as pre-orders and purchases on Microsoft’s own platforms are more profitable.

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I don’t know about Steam but we know if you get it on the Microsoft store the cross platform stuff will work for sure.