Question about ping?

My ping is almost always 30-40 usually 35 every game. But once in a while it’s like at 5-10. What determines this if my internet is always the same?

That’s what we call latency (ping), it’s the amount of milliseconds from when your Xbox/PC communicates to TC server and they respond. You don’t connect to the same TC server each time you search for a match but once you’ve found one you’ll stay connected to that server until you quit/get disconnected.

Gotcha and if I’m in a game I’m usually 35 ping the whole match then for like 2 seconds I’ll jump to 70-80 ping and lag then rite back down to 35

That can be lag spikes or possibly server lag. Thats a tough one to call

I’m sure this happens to everyone

Unfortunately it does

I just think it’s crZy how servers in thin air can bring people around the world together to play together lolol


Servers are PC’s, stored in a server rack.

The internet is a series of tubes :wink:


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My mistake lol