Question about ping

It’s truly amazing how gears has advanced graphically (4k) since GoW one, however, in 2018 it plays the exact same online. It breaks my heart almost every night when a team wins solely due to lag and not skill or team work. Especially when I’m close to a diamond in dodgeball then play a bunch of diamonds with 100-200 pings…

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To be fair the netcode has actually fluctuated all over the place.

Gears 1 has host advantage but it was more predictable than Gears 2/4.

Gears 2 was the worst ever created.

Gears 3 was above and beyond any of them with solid connections.

Judgment I don’t remember.

Gears 4 is absolutely terrible. It’s not as bad as 2 but it’s inconsistent as hell. Even Gears 3 with a smaller playerbase runs 100x better

So basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s not the same. It’s actually moving backwards unless you play with a 90-250ms ping that may or may not fluctuate all over the place. In that case you have activated god mode.


Can definitely agree with everything you said

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I normally hover around 26-50, depending on the lobby.

Most other people I play are usually around 86-300.

It’s horrible.

Why pay for great internet, and go through all the settings to have a proper dmz Xbox One X hardwired for Open Nat, just to be punished for paying for a better online experience.

It’s beyond me. Punishing the players who are capable of great online, and rewarding the ones who aren’t.

It’s assbackwards


I’d say, it’s just not caring and being ignorant… you know, they have LAN office play and fancy esports arenas… What’s internet online play? What pings? It’s punishing with suspension only those who cannot accept that that logic “We are perfect, it must be your skill, everything works as intended” and similar gaslighting attempts… Yep it’s gasligthing every time I see people quit lobbies with locked 800-1100ms and they say penalties well deserved or don’t play ranked then.


Edit: If you can’t explain it to kid with 15ms ping why his input controls are delayed half of the second, see the previous line.

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since yesterday. I’ve had pings of. 90-150. playing only out of region. was not fun. sure at one point we played two guys split screening on wi-fi. with ping jumping to 600 and ba .8 of my last 10 matches. were spongy nightmares.

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