Question about ping

When it comes to ping, I know that the lower it is, the better your connection is. A lot of people complain about people with higher pings as they are helped by lag compensation.

At what point do people generally consider it to be a problem? 100+ ping?

And at what point does it stop being an ‘advantage’?

Usually mine is around 30, but I played a match once with 300+ ping and it was unplayable!

id say over 100+ ping its horrible.

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As in unplayable for that player?

For anyone pretty much comes down to preferance.

I have experience playing at 30, 60, 80, and 110 pings.

My favorite is 30 and 60

110 ping makes the gnasher very iffy for me.

One caveat is it could all be in my head, but it’s my feeling.

The 110 ping was from a mobile hotspot

Interesting. Yeah I wonder if it is just a placebo effect - you see the ping and imagine most of the differences, or if you can actually tell that much…

Haha I’ve tried that once and it sure uses up a lot of mobile data! :sweat_smile:

Actually it shouldn’t use much data at all relatively speaking. I don’t know the exact numbers but streaming videos uses way way more.

Really? Huh… maybe I was low in the first place…

Higher pings are helped by lag compensation, only to an extent.
Even if you have 30 m/s ping, you’re still helped by lag compensation because you’re not hosting server, and you don’t have 0 m/s ping either.

In my opinion, I’d consider higher or lower pings to be a problem when they go beyond the difference of 60 m/s or 120 m/s ping. If I’m playing at 20 m/s ping, I’d consider 80 m/s and above to be fishy when it might come to lag compensation, shots not registering, players not in exact positions, kill trades.

It’d stop being an advantage if you’re way above or below the difference of 60 m/s or 120 m/s ping, compared to another person’s ping. If someone has 20 m/s ping and I have 200 m/s ping, I have immediate disadvantage.

If someone has 300+ m/s ping, it wouldn’t make the gameplay unplayable as in cannot play at all. You can still play but there could be fishy stuff with positions, hit registrations and stuff.

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I prefer 60, but depends on other peoples ping. ive found lately I’ve had a ping of 5, but then others are 30-60 + and I get sticky walls and slow response time. I rubber band with a ping of 5 if someone has 200+

it is really frustrating, mainly because it doesn’t make sense. (to me)

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The way this game works isn’t all about a higher ping but a high ping is most noticeable. I say this because my bullets don’t register at all if I’m pinging at 5ms and the enemy is at 60ms. Now, speaking honestly here that shouldn’t even be an issue but in Gears 4 the difference in our pings makes it unplayable for me. This also happens when I’m pinging at 30ms and the opposing player is 80ms or above. The other circumstance is a player with a fluctuating ping will make the whole match feel inconsistent which is an even bigger problem.

More than 50ms for me is a no go.


thats basically my gears 4 versus experience and why i just play horde unless i’m really pressured to play versus by others.

i get a ping of 5 often but match up against the same players too and the 1v1 moments are such a reflection of the pings and which servers we are on.

but if i have a 5 and say everyone else is 15-20, im almost untouchable and can literally bounce around someone and shoot them in the back. so the other guy deals with the bs. either way is wrong.

I’ve had decent matches where every player had a steady 120ping. it was a slower paced game but even and no-one really owned anyone. i just want it to be fair.

Doesn’t matter if it’s steady and fair.

I wouldn’t want such a delay because I have to re-adjust for that specific match and it feels off.

Doesn’t mean I can’t play, just means the experince still isn’t as good as it could be.

Why swap a steady 120ms game for a steady 20ms game?

Makes zero sense …

of course i would want a 20 MS steady game all day evryday, but in all honesty how often does it happen? my point was if everyone’s ping is the same to a certain extent it doesn’t matter. i guess i was trying to be realistic not optimistic on a preferred ping.

and for me a good experience is shooting someones head and it registers, not so much how fast and fluid it all looks. At 5ms its fast but bullets go through people.

It can be fluid and always work at 120ms because of a delay there will be sponging.

And I can get a few 20-35ms lobbies most nights without one or a couple people with high pings loading in, so it’s possible.

And I doubt anyone’s ever seen a all 5ms ping lobby to even comment on such a thing but when it’s low pings doesn’t make it any less or more spongey - that’s just the game in general whether high or low .

I must be just unlucky, either get really low or really high. either way I just keep to horde.:metal:

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My ping usually stays at 5. I live on the east coast and pull 300mbsD/L, 12 up from comcast. When mine hits 50 ping or more it’s usually against Mexico players and/or people with horrible internet or people that figured a way to drain there internet while playing (downloading/uploading movies, games, updates etc) and the lag compensation sucks. Hence the picture.

The real cancer of this game is VARIABLE ping that happens with Wifi warriors and extremely remote players from data centers. And the matchmaking unable to filter it out, and lag compensator unable to deal with it… Basically, this MP is designed to work properly LAN only.