Question about MVP in Ranked KOTH

The person above me got MVP, don’t understand how.

As seen from the screenshot provided above, I had more Caps, Breaks and eliminations compared to that player.

Could someone please explain the ‘workings’ of MVP?

The current ‘workings’ of MVP seems that it’s busted and not really deciding properly who’s the actual MVP, as far as I can remember the statement from TC.

Unless 7 more downs were somehow the deciding factor.

Is MVP busted for only KOTH or other versus modes too?

I thought that KOTH prioitizes Caps and Breaks over anything else?

I added that as a thing to add how if that was the deciding factor it simply wouldn’t make sense.

And I do not recall it being specified if it’s KOTH only which is busted, or all modes.

Okay understood. I apologize if I misinterpreted your statement.

Score-wise you clearly dominate, but in this new system it’s all about who “maximises” each category first. In this case he did, which means he was going to be MVP even if he just stood still for the remainder of the match.

It’s a definite flaw as someone can get over 100 eliminations and numerous caps but can be taken over on the scoreboard by someone else who has one more break.

if u hit someone for 24 damage and someone kills them. you get 24 points. just because you had X amount of elims, X amount of caps, etc. Doesnt mean you got more points per kill and/or down etc. caps have been severly nerfed points wise. Making Kills actually worth more especially if you do all the damage yourelf, get a gib and/or execution or combination of all. (this is for social obviously mostly in terms of actual points not GP. But obviously can somewhat apply to what you get GP wise based on your earning in match of the Gp system)

its really not hard to understand the scoring system. He also may have gotten more GP first by also being a better team player by utilizing more support play along with strong gnasher play… You know… how gears is meant to be played… welcome to gears… youll figure it out shortly… if your not new… o wow… i dont know what to say.
especially in ranked you may have gotten there at the top first. he hit second or third or whatever and his name is now above you. meaning he takes MVP potentially. if many have the same end score. the game can simply decide randomly potentially as it isnt entirely made clear obviously cause… gears 5 is ■■■■■■■ trash…

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Apparently , the person with the higher ping automatically gets awarded MVP in a tiebreaker.

The last player on the winning team that maxes the GP gets MVP.

So if you maxed it before everyone, and then someone does, they will be on top of you, and so on.

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When players are tied in score, the player with fewer deaths will come out on top. The only reason i know this, is because ive been playing Unreal engine games for too long

Your answer seems to be in conflict to the one given by @GB6_Kazuya . I am confused as to who’s post I should mark as ‘Solution’.

I’ve been in several matches where the first to get maxed out points becomes the solid MVP for the match.

I’ve never seen it the other way around, which makes even less sense.

Ok fine then, I am marking your post as the solution.

Weird because I have seen it happening the way i described it so many times, specially in KOTH.

More proof that this ranked system is bad?

Now which is correct? I am confused as to who’s post I should mark as ‘Solution’. I am back to square one.

Tbh… i have no idea either anymore, im just sharing my experiences, there were times that i maxed my score before everyone on my team and still not get mvp. This ranking is flawed, and I wouldnt be surprised if the system picks randomly once it sees 2 players. with the same score.

Ahh okay, I understand then.

Yes I too think that the ranking system is flawed. While making this topic I was quite sure that somebody would have figured out how MVP works by now.

Most likely yes. Very inconsistent in that regard!

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised :joy: