Question about medals in tour of duty

There seems to be only 4 hours left so I’m wondering if these change once that time is up. I’m really digging the desert skins and I’m pretty close to unlocking them but not 4 hours close.

It ends in December. Supposed to be 3 months from Sept to Dec. It was just a visual error.

Well I figured it’s there just to let you know how much time is left in the current week, which makes sense. But I also heard about week 2 being different content so I didn’t know if that replaced the current medals for horde, escape, etc.

As it seems right now this timer is just for Escape leaderboards. Which is also likely this “new content” you’ve heard about as you can get stuff for ranking in them. And perhaps the medal that requires you to beat all the “Challenge”(weekly) hives on Master difficulty. It shouldn’t replace any medals.

Guess I’ll miss out on that challenge then as I’ve been focusing my efforts almost exclusively on horde but I’m glad I can get the character skins. Thanks for the info.

I would’ve found it odd if they gave people just over(or less) depending on when you started to play) for medals that technically are meant to be gotten over a three month period. I’d have been a bit mad if the progress I made in the last 7-9 days would be reset today as I’ve already reached Captain I and almost at Captain II and nearly finished the medals for Winter Armor Kait(just over 500 eliminations remaining).