Question about match making options

I would like to know.
When setting to either lowest ping or fastest match making.

Does fastest find mean. I have a chance of my ping being higher or everyone elses ping being higher or both.?
Hope tht makes sense. Because if fastest find match making means my ping will be higher. I have no problem with tht. I just dont want to be matched with other players with 150 and higher ping players.

Doesn’t matter anymore. Even if “lower pings” is enabled I always end up with at 4-5 150+ pings in my lobby.

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This is something which isn’t in your control, regardless of whatever matchmaking setting you choose.

One can only hope for the best.

Yea but is OUR own ping higher.
Im actually at the point where i want my ping to be in the 50s and 60s

Im sick of being bricked from 20 yrds out or 2 shot downed knowing dam well these players didnt hit their full spread on me twice at an insane distance.
Mean while i know I hit 2 full spreads worhin 8 to 10 feet and it saying i did 87 % damage.
It doesn’t make sense how players can literally get 2 full shots on me when i get 1 off and i even shot first.

I know when im playing like sht and i know when a player is better than me out played me.

It just feels like this game plays better , smoother and is insanely more responsive to certain players. And im not even talking about pc players because they obviously have a serious advantage weather they want to admit it or not.

Also. Why does it feel like there aim assist or magnetism in this game for players. But i sure as hell dont feel it for myself.
Ive tried everything.
I lowered my resolution to 1080p from 1440p
I switches my monitor settings to 144hz, 120 hz , 60 hz and always set to the fastest response time and low input lag mode.
But i feel zero difference.
Another thing is. I have this problem where i play like this game should be played as in trying to make sure my shots are lined up perfectly when pop shottin etc etc. I dont shoot just to shoot and honestly it feels like ive gotten worse at this game. Every thing is just so unresponsive yet it doesnt look like other players are dealing with half the bs i am.
Or it certainly doesn’t look like they are

Good point, “faster matchmaking” might actually increase your ping. Which you want since the lag comp for high-pings is straight up unfair.