Question about leaver/disconnect penalties

If you join back to games that you leave or disconnect from and finish out the match, are you supposed to still have a penalty? I’ve been disconnected from games, joined back and continued to do matchmaking like normal, but just now it happened again and I have a 16 hour suspension from matchmaking. This is the first time I’ve been aware of having a suspension after rejoining a match.

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Penalties can be weird some times. This was today.
Was just trying to find a match…eventually I just left and didnt get any suspension

I don’t think you’ll get a ban at that stage in matchmaking. You will if you back out when your in lobby and able to vote. I use to always back out of voting screen until I finally got a ban. I don’t know for sure. I do think you get rank point penalties though. The same if you use the quit to main menu option after you had a quitter. Even though it doesn’t show penalty points I do notice my rank percentage will drop the next match even when I win and it shows positive points.