Question about Keegan's skills for The Hunters

Hi. Lahni user, trying to finish my last hive for ToD reward.

I saw a lot of Keegan using hammerburst instead of dropshot. I know that is a skill about more damage for hammerburst, but IMO if Keegan has the opportunity to get 2 explosive weapons on this map, why using hammer skill?

Keegan users please give me enlightenment. I’m losing every match and I’ll hate it if is because of not using skills effectively.


I really hate that character looks like Colonel Sanders but in black.

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You should be asking those players. I don’t think anyone on forum does this, or that I have seen. You’re asking the wrong crowd.

But in my opinion, using Hammerburst damage card would be stupid choice. Of course Keegan should use Boomshot, Dropshot, 7 Frags.

If you have a problem with how people play this, I would suggest playing high level Keegan yourself to make sure things go right and how they should be. To give yourself more control of what happens. You can’t rely on stupid randoms. But I understand not everyone has a lot of time on their hands to level another Escape character and getting high levelled cards. Mac and Keegan are way more useful than levelling a Lahni. Both them used in nearly every Escape.

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Glad you don’t mention the secret lahni scam :wink:emphasized text

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Everyone except Lahni is lvl 14. At first I didn’t like Lahni, going melee isn’t for me, but like you said, Mac and Keegan are used on almost every escape, so I stick to Lahni because there was someone with better level than me for Mac and Keegan and for many other reasons.

I’m sure that I’m not the best Lahni user ever, but I saw how others used ultimate on the wrong time and on the wrong place

Using Hammerburst as Keegan instead of explosive weapons is like switching from Porsche to stone age wheel.