Question about Jack upgrades

I’ve recently completed campaign on beginner and have upgraded Jack to the max. When I go to start a new campaign on expert using my old game save I lose all my jack upgrades from the beginning but have them towards the last acts. I thought once you earned all the components for jack he’d have all abilities available for you to use on a campaign difficultly of your choice. Or do you have to find all components again per difficulty?

When you start a game from a selected chapter all of your Jack progress will count from the prior chapters.

So if you select the last chapter in the game you will have all of your previous progress.

I dont know why they didn’t choose to lock the Difficulty for the save and allow you to keep the components you find, makes replaying feel like a chore, especially with the two massive open areas having them spread throughout. I hope that’s not intended and is just a temporary glitch that needs to be addressed.

I’m not sure either. I would have preferred it to always give you ones you had found.