Question about Hitmarkers and Health bars

Are we able to turn it off on the game settings? because i dont like feeling like i am playing a loot shooter.


I really hope it can be disabled. Or… you know… completely removed.
Health bars work on games like RPGs, where your character equips upgrades or levels up and the strength is shown in the numbers; or where a team of 40 people are ticking health away from a boss. They are also popular in all the Battle Royale games floating around. Gears isn’t that. It never has been and it never should be, In gears you face off against numerous enemies (or individuals in quick succession) and you just know that a boom shot should blast a group into bits, a long shot will insta-kill if it’s a headshot, etc. etc. The interface has never been cluttered with hit points and bars and this has always been integral to its charm.
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@mike_yaworski has done a brilliant thread on the very subject.
SPOILER alert It is good news :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! Yeah it looks like we can opt to preserve the Gears experience :joy:


Yes you can. I turned the health bar/hitmarkers/damage numbers off while playing Gears 5 and it looks exactly like the old Gears games. I played at a Microsoft Store.


Hi mate
Did you get the impression that all these markers were for PvE type content only and not PvP ? or was there no way of knowing. Not that it matters with being able to turn them off.

No way of knowing just by the gameplay.

But Rod did mention that he thought the idea of knowing when your enemy is hurt is a good thing so you can make good decisions while going into battle. So I can totally see this being across the whole game.


If it’s available in PvP, I’ll try it out, but I feel like hitmarkers aren’t useful since you can clearly see when you hit someone now and health bars aren’t necessary, since Gears 4 tells you if an enemy is hurt already. Not to mention most players do the exact same thing when they’re hurt. They run for cover or try to get as close to you as possible, which is an easy tell for how hurt they are.

They’re useful because they tell you when you get a critical hit and how much of your shotgun spread actually connected. Blood is an indicator as well, yes, but it’s misleading a lot of the time.

That being said, I will prolly still turn them off as well lol.

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By the way, thank you for going to the store and sharing all that info! :slight_smile:

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The UI for health looks really intrusive.

I’ll probably not turn off health bar/damage numbers because they’re really useful (if they’re even in versus that is). I’d be a little surprised if the health bar was in versus, but I do expect the damage numbers to be in versus. I don’t think either are intrusive - it works in games like Overwatch.

I don’t know about numbers in MP.

Part of the ability is to gauge how much damage you have done to someone.

You can feint being hit and get someone to rush at you.

I guess I’ll see how it plays.

Yeah I’m not sure my thoughts on it right now tbh, but Rod seems to think it’s a good idea based on his Rodcast from Sunday.

Iam almost sure that the numbers and health bars are for gamemodes where the characters have tweakable stats.

Math nerds must be able to calculate the perfect outcome and be able to do the meta builds to be able to do the perfect runs.

Its going to be released on steam. They will do the calculations for you.

But the ui does not please the eyes… That is just a fact. Looks cluttered and old rpgish

Damage indication on enemies in MP is the first good thing I’ve heard about this game in the past week.
Thank goodness.

I´ve heard that Rod was very positive about the number thing on his last podcast.
So, I fully expect them to be in VS as well. I´m glad you can turn them off.

Thanks for the info! really apreciate it

I’m very concerned about healh bars and hit markers in Versus. I think they totally ruin the aesthetic of the game.

Having them in PvE is fine because turning them off yourself makes the game a little harder (or maybe just more like classic Gears), but beyond being like raising the difficulty setting, doesn’t really put you at a disadvantage.

Having them in PvP though? Turning them off to maintain the good aesthetic of the game puts you at a clear disadvantage to people who keep them. And since the majority of people care far more about winning than about whether the game looks good, most people will keep them.

So it would be a choice between playing a game that looks kinda horrible (personal preference I guess, but I really think the lack of stuff like health bars is a beautiful part of the Gears aesthetic), or being at a disadvantage. And that ain’t cool.

Does anyone know yet if they’ll be in Versus, or is it still just speculation for now?

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I share your concerns but I’ve not seen confirmation yet that it’s coming to Versus. I might have missed this so not sure.

I’d also want to disable live ribbons in the game and see them post match.

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