Question about gears 5

Why are there only 4 acts in this game ? You figured they would have more acts if this is the largest campaign? Are we getting story dlc after launch or what?

Maybe not everything has been revealed. Avoiding spoilers?

The amount of Acts isn’t necessarily indicative of length.


Campaign had better be longer than 4


Campaign has better be better than 4.


I may be wrong, but at this point we have no idea how many chapters within those acts.

I’m imagining a 15-20 hour campaign with replay ability. Or is that dreaming?


This too!

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4 Achievements in Act 1.

5 Achievements in Act 2.

4 Achievements in Act 3.

2 Achievements in Act 4.

So that totals 15+ Chapters.

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Why do you think any of us have the answers???

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Good catch. Know how that compares to other gears games?

22 in Gears 4?

All I know is that it has way less than other games. Others have 20+.

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Chapter length also has to be taken into account, some chapters will be much longer than others.

Yeah, Ghost mentioned this above.

I even expect around 10 to 15 hours. More would be bonus.


Hopefully they’re accounting for replayability and the slight open world, very God of War style with the choice to return to old areas and get better gear, or just truck through the whole thing as fast as possible.


I am not sure Achievement count is indicative of chapter count? I have seen chapters with no achievement, but you get the ACT completion achievement.

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I was thinking that too. Could be an achievement like meet up with the original squad or kill this many swarm in this chapter etc etc and still have a chapter completion achievement too.

They said there’s 71 achievements in total, but there’s only 68 actually in that list. And we don’t even know if there’s ‘Chapters’ anymore. I’ve always hated how most of Gears’ achievements were for campaign (for example, Gears Ultimate’s campaign can net you around 880GS or so by playing on Insane) and not other modes, and now that we have Escape they needed to be able to allocate some towards that mode as well.
Really, we have no reason to think that each achievement would still be tied to each chapter. It really doesn’t even need to be that way.

Good point.

Only thing we know is that in those said chapters, there will be achievements. Could it be completing the chapter or something to do specifically in that chapter? Either way, I don’t care because I will get them no matter what.

You still planning on playing campaign with David?