Question about Gears 4 unlocks

So this may be an irrelevant question. However since the release of Gears 5 I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 4 & 5. So i know the challenges have expired but is there any weapon or character skin that is still unlockable for Gears of war 4? Please and thank you!

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Good question. I’d like to know too. I switch between 4 and 5 also.

It’s only because i feel like Gears of war 4 and 3 were the glory days in my opinion. Minimal to non MTX bs, and skins that you can unlock by playing the game and only by playing it. I understand that TC wants to make money but having the 4 new characters ( Deebee, Cog soldier’s, Raam, and That other scion looking guy) available to unlock is terrific! But the fact that i was half way through the challenge and i see someone who hadn’t even Re-up’d yet and were using the skin. That’s when i checked that you can purchase the skins for $10 or 15$. That was a kill joy! No point in even working toward a skin that’s purchasable imo.