Question about forums

Why do these forums not allow posting in non English languages? Seems those posts always get taken down.

It’s strange to me because this game supposedly thrives on inclusion and diversity. But seeing these threads getting shut down got me thinking, suppose some young kid watched the gears esports in, you know, Mexico City, and really wanted to be a part of the gears community. Tries to post on, you know, the official gears forum and his post is immediately closed cause he doesn’t speak English. Never mind that there are probably many other non English speakers on the internet who may be able to answer that kids questions or whatever, given that gears holds esports in Mexico and has a large Mexican player base.

Idk, if non English speakers gears players can’t post on here, are they just SOL? Is there another forum more friendly towards non English speakers?

Seems weird but maybe it’s something to do with regulating non English content?

You’re thinking of Overwatch pal. At least 80% of this game’s fan base is mexican, other 20 percent is mostly American, that’s not very diverse now is it?

Nah I’m not buddy?

Edit: idgaf about overwatch? but if what you said is true about 80% then more reason to support Spanish, you think?

My educated guess is that its hard for TC and the Moderation team to make sure the content posted isn’t against the rules if they don’t understand or speak the language.

That’s why a Moderator that understands Spanish, would be great.