Question about featured section of store

So I understand that the featured section will have character skins from past operations but are they gone after that week? I was saving coins for Wilds MAC and when I went back to search for him he was gone,

There was also a weapon skin set that was similar to the Frigid Blast skins that was available and is now no where to be found. Can anyone shed some light on this?

The greater question here is why would you want Wilds Mac?!

You didn’t forget to take your medication again, did you?


He reminds me of the Wildlings from Game of Thrones

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I personally really like wilds Mac too. Don’t know what it is about the skin.

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Need a much higher influx of things to buy to me ive got coins coming out of my ■■■■

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Reminds me of Kurt Russell in “The Thing”.


The Featured section rotates on a weekly basis.
For now, you will just have to wait and hope your items come back around soon.

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The New section shows only Operation 4’s new content and then moves into the Operation 4 tab in the store.
These usually last about a week but can sometimes last longer, Farmer Dom for example lasted 9 days.

Operation 4’s section will only last until Operation 5 is released and then i imagine some of the items will be added permanently to the store and some will be taken away to be brought back as featured at some point.
Some character’s though like Minh and Sam for example have already been added to the permanent section.
I think this will happen for all “base” characters so people can always purchase them.

The Featured section is previous content, so only previous content to whatever Operation we’re on (Currently 4) will be brought back there for a week and then removed.
TC can bring these items back whenever they feel like it and i assume some of it at the end of every Operation will be added permanently to the store. Otherwise it’s completely random as to what they add to the featured tab.

Everything starting with the Character Skins tab in the store and all the other sections below that are permanent and will always be available.

It would be nice if it explained this in the Store wouldn’t it.

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Well that’s true, except the fact I liked Tormund. Mac on the other hand…

I just want to know why Vold Raam is featured. He isn’t past content (in Gears 5). Why wasn’t he a weekly skin for the Op. Classic Marcus was moved from Featured to Permanent so maybe he will be too. Also why are default Minh, Sam and Sraak being taken away? (The weekly update post says they’re around for another week. Uh excuse me?)

The store is the weirdest sort of bull ■■■■ you can encounter in the whole game. It holds items like a meatshield. And it will eventually add and remove items as if they had cooties to the offset of players in the game itself like making the meatshield blow up. Then we wont see it again until it randomly joins the game again.

I tried to look for the bolkok arm ripping execution and the six shooter, but they weren’t there anymore. Then i tried to find the watermelon skin set but it wasn’t there anymore either whenever i searched for it. These were in the permanent section too.

They will simply not be in the New tab anymore. They are already in the permanent section.

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Ah. Ok. They really could have worded that better.

Of course they could word a lot of things better but…

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