Question about everyones fav character Oscar lol

So I was thinking about Oscar…Is he Reyna’s brothers or brother in law??? I’m guessing brother in law because if its her brothers too many more questions come up

He’s Reyna brother in law. He served 15 years in the Cog.

I know he served in the cog but I dont think its never mentioned that hes the brother in law

He’s Reyna’s brother in law

Definitely brother in law.

he’s Reyna’s grandpa obviously

He’s the Brother in Law. Pretty sure Kait refers to him as Uncle at one point too.

Uncle would also be the name of a brother too though



Also referring to OP:
I’d have to say Brother-in-Law. Makes more sense. Although I still hate the Kait is Myrrah’s granddaughter thing. Too messy. When did Myrrah have children? And…Myrrah’s pale skin doesn’t sound like a “Diaz” to me. I think it’d be more believable if Myrrah was Kait’s Great-Aunt.

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Recessive genes could easily account for skin tones and hair colour. I think Myrrah’s British accent versus Reyna’s accent is more telling.

Historically kids tend to adopt their mother’s accent due to the (now slowly shifting) social constructs of men being away at work while women were the homemakers raising the kids.

Story wise they could easily say Myrrah was like Reyna and stripped from her existing family to become the Locust Queen leaving someone else to raise a very young Reyna (and Oscar if he turns out to be the brother and not brother-in-law. The former making more sense as Oscar was kidnapped and not immediately podded like Marcus.)

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Are you implying Oscar has no fans? Because if you are then square up, boy.

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Luchador makes him a joke.

But can we talk about how Oscar broke free from a Snatcher on his own… WITH a broken arm. When Marcus couldn’t even do it?

Luchador is his best outfit. Not memeing.

I’d think it’s possible that cloning was involved, instead of Myrrah having any baby.
She could have been infertile.

I traveled to the future and met Myrah she was so hot. I couldn’t help it then something happened she got taken away. I returned back and now I’m playing the video game.

So you’re saying Oskar is Myrrah’s son?

This is why I think hes the brother. He wasn’t treated like everyone else.

Oscar isn’t human. He is the result of a boomer and a mauler procreating.

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Yeah, as a HUGE Gears buff. I’m pretty sure cloning doesn’t exist in Gears. Especially pre-E-Day era.

Maybe there wasn’t much reason to.
But it could be a part of experimentations at New Hope Facility,
Top secret.