Question about earning gears coins

So when I was reading the new information about the gears coins it said they can be earned while playing but the easiest way to get them was progressing through the tour. When I was playing today I wasn’t earning any coins when they say earning by playing do they specifically mean the only way to earn the coins is by only completing tour objectives or leveling up in ranked?( I don’t play ranked). because it didn’t say those were the only way to get the coins i just need some clarification on this thanks.
Also why can’t we earn these when playing in custom or lan matches?.

You earn coins through ToD, Escape leaderboards, and what Ranks you hit in VS

You can actually do the Tour objectives and medals in custom horde and escape.

I know that I meant to say In custom versus matches.

I kind of guessed. Anyway, I think it is because it would be too easy to boost or exploit.

Next easiest thing is that most of the versus medals can be done in quickplay co-op vs. AI.

Does just participating in each ranked mode give Gears coins at the end of the season?