Question about difficulties - Need some knowledge

I’m confused about the difficulty in this game, i’ve tried to test it but it’s inconsistent and I can’t find thread with my question specifically

I’ll give you an example:

Take Escape for instance - When i’m going to search for a match and I need to select the difficulty, The first and second modifiers will be

  1. Enemies have increased health
    2 Enemies have increased damage

With these two active it puts me on Experienced difficulty. So at this point if I put on more modifiers, lets say ‘Venom 2x Faster’ and ‘Less Ammo Pickups’ i’ll then be at Elite difficulty - now even though these two modifiers have nothing to do with Health or Damage like the first two, does the enemy gain slightly more damage and/or health because the actual difficulty level has increased? (Like with the original games, no modifiers but going from Normal to Hardcore will make you receive more damage). Or does the enemy health and damage stay the same regardless of weather you keep putting more modifiers on?

I say this because i’ve put on just the more enemy damage and health modifiers and completed Escapes with no issues. But then i’ve had the same two modifiers as well as a couple more (like ‘No Respawns’ and ‘Fast Venom’, which like i’ve said have nothing to health+damage) and the Escape seems harder? Is that because enemy damage scales with difficulty? Or are there more enemies? Or something else? -I dislike when games hold your hand through things, but there does seem to be a lack of info screens, let alone tutorials

Each game is obviously different and inconsistent with enemies and who you play with so I can never really tell if something is more difficult myself

Can anyone give me a quick explanation?

This is a great question and right now the only thing I can think of is the AI being smarter.

Like you said, they shouldn’t be more tough to kill just because the venom spreads faster.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure the usual scaling up of things like enemy health, enemy damage, enemy accuracy, and scaling down of our health etc, occurs as you up the difficulty (as well as whatever the additional stated modifier is).

I’ve just been running Keegan. Easy to knife kill on advanced. Elite, needs more care. Insane you get one meleed down.