Question About Core Modes?

I am aware that the player base is smaller now that most people stopped playing, but are TDM and KOTH pretty much the only core modes played (plus probably a decent amount of Guardian players)? I can’t find a single match for Dodgeball or Arms Race ( I don’t care for Arms Race but still try to play every so often.) Or is this just the matchmaking making it harder to find matches for those modes? (I have been sitting Dodgeball queue for 20 mins lol plus the extra 5-10 mins before I cancelled and played TDM) Not necessarily complaining, just asking because I’m curious and not sure

Depends on Region and times.

I believe TDM and KOTH are still the most popular but you should get the other modes during peak times if you are based within the US region or can connect to them.

Ah ok I supposed that would make sense. Thanks

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