Question about Autohotkey

Is autohotkey bannable? I only want to use it in pve to automate small things such as taking meat shields and snapping the neck. I’m not interested in pvp at all. I can understand why it may be an issue there but i only want to use it in pve for small things like this. I like playing fast and you gotta play fast as well if you wanna survive in horde especially if play as infiltrator. So this would make the ordeal more interesting.

TC no longer actively cares what you do in-game. If Easy Anti Cheat doesn’t block you then you’re good to go.

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If you only went so far as you’re explaining, it is highly unlikely anything would come of it.

It’s not actually optimal to neck snap after a meatshield grab though. You want to to switch to a primary weapon. It immediately drops the body. There is also no real benefit to automating this action or the neck snap action. It wouldn’t save any time.

The actions most people macro for convenience and to gain a slight advantage are snub rapid fire and active reloads in general. The firing cap isn’t particularly hard to hit on the snub, and active reloads especially aren’t very difficult, but automating these actions allows for more consistency and finer aiming control. These macros are definitely considered cheating. Would anything come from using them in PVE? Probably not. I’d still advise against it.

As I previously stated, I only mean to automate some rather repetitive or or hard to press keys. Nothing shady, and never in online pvp as i’m not interested in the mode. What do you mean block me? From getting into the game? I would hope so if it would be the case. I mean i’d rather have the anticheat stop me from using a script rather than ban me later. Just curious, have you used a autohotkey in this game before? Or you’re talking from other sources? I mean can you 100% confirm this? I’d rather be doubly sure. It would be a shame to get banned for no real reason.

You can do basically whatever you want macro-wise no one cares. I don’t think video games shouldn’t even have repeated spamming of the same button as an action. Can injure your hands long-term, can strain them short-term, not particularly skillful or intricate in any way. Literally just pain simulator.

Edit: I macro’d basically every spam action in ESO, and rate the experience 10/10. I did some math on this a while ago and posted to the main elder scrolls forum, and but it should be understandable here.

So if you’re a healer, your primary group heal is called ‘Healing Springs’ — you press a button (we’ll say X) to cast it. It’s a small AoE heal which is about the size of platform/incens on checkout. Your objective is to basically cast this on your group as they’re moving, and the skill has a 1 second cool down. You can also cast the skill three times in the same place to get three times the healing.

If you play for 6 hours, and half that time is spent in fights (incredibly conservative estimate here), you’re pressing this button over 10,000 times. And in reality ESO group PVP is the laggiest experience you can have, your skills sometimes don’t fire and can lag 1-2 seconds behind, so you’re often spamming X to even get your 1-3 healing skills off on cooldown. I would go so far as to say there isn’t a single player in the world who presses the button once per second, instead they just spam it repeatedly as needed.

If you grind the game for a day(12-14 hours), it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you would press X over 100,000 times. And all of it could be solved by just automating the skill so that when you hold it down it auto-casts. Why games aren’t designed like this I will never understand.

Exactly. Glad to see someone understanding the issue of repetitive tasks. It gets not only tedious but as you already mentioned, can impact your hands in both short term and long term. And yes, i know exactly what you mean with ESO example. I used to play a MMORPG and i know how it’s like spamming the hell out of your keys in a crowded area to get the skill to fire once. In truth, a better game design and thought process could have fixed many of these small issues but i guess the devs were way too focused on the bigger picture. Nevertheless the point is that it won’t harm anyone and i have no interest in pvp whatsoever so i honestly think there shouldn’t be any issues. I’m a programmer and i use AHK a lot to automate double or triple key presses that are normally stretched out too damn much on the keyboard and having to press these shortcuts a lot means i overwork my hands a lot and trust me, it hurts a lot. So AHK has made my life a lot easier by turning 3 key presses into a single one and this scenario is not different at all. If anything, one of the main reasons for doing this is convenience. Along with ease of access. Also, have you used macros in this game? Can you testify that you haven’t had any issues and there is no reason for concern?

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There isn’t much you can even macro in pvp in this game, but I’ve used/tested them and it’s completely fine.

Thanks for the reassurance, much appreciated! As i said, if i were to play pvp i wouldn’t bother since i believe in fairness and fair play. But as far as pve is concerned, it doesn’t really hurt anyone.

No one at TC cares about G5, they dropped it completely. There might be someone still lurking around trying to fix broken achievements but that’s it.

Easy Anticheat should stop the game from running if it finds something that shouldn’t be there, that’s your cue. There can be no ban if the game does not run in the first place. There is also no auto ban system implemented so even if you do cheat, I doubt you’ll get caught.

Thanks for the explanation! Well, i’d hardly call it cheating against bots and i’m not doing anything to give me a superior advantage over anyone else since i only play pve. As i mentioned a couple times already, i’m looking for convenience not unfair advantage, and as much as bots are concerned, i couldn’t care less.