Question about 2v2 gnasher

Soo, I’m very confused with the downing system or whatever you wanna call it. When i down someone and i try to execute him by shooting i can only hear the spawn protection sound. I can’t even do damage to him WHILE hes getting revived. But it’s the complete opposite for me, When i get knocked they can shoot me and while i get revived they can kill me. What am i missing here?

Don’t quote me on this(due to limited Versus experience) but I believe the modes in Competitive tuning have a rule which prevents you from killing a downed enemy by shooting them until you are within a certain close distance, with some exceptions to certain weapons and/or headshots.


The mode has Execution Rules turned on which means you have to be in gib distance to finish your kill. You can execute them or gib them with your shotgun at nearly point blank range.

2 vs 2 operates Competitive settings which includes Execution rules. Basically you must be within a certain range to kill downed enemies. This includes gunshots. The range is roughly the equivalent of about 5 feet (ingame measurements) or so.

I’m fairly new so could you explain gib range? :joy:

The range for “execution rules” is roughly 5 feet - ingame measurements of course.

These rules apply for all Competitive modes incuding Escalation. It’s not just gibbing though, and if you’re within range then any weapon will do incuding non-gib weapons like the Snub or Lancer.

However full-on gibbing or one shot kill attacks can take out downed enemies from any range, such as explosives (Torque Bow, Boomshot) or headshots from ranged weapons (Longshot, EMBAR, Markza).

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For the Gnasher, it’s the range for which you can one shot kill them, which is just a few feet.

You know when an enemy is fully alive and you kill them instantly with the Gnasher? That is in the gib range. When you down them instead, that is outside of the gib range.

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Thank you both!