Question abou Kait in Gears 5

I’m kinda confused about Kait in Gears 5. Why exactly is she going nuts and almost becoming sort of half human half locust or something? The most popular reason is because she is related to Myrrah, the locust queen. But from what I’ve read and heard, Myrrah was completely human and not locust or a hybrid or anything.

So why is Kait experiencing visions of Myrrah and the locust all of a sudden? She does not have any locust or swarm DNA or anything since Reyna and Myrrah were human. So why is she seemingly turning into a swarm/human hybrid thing all of a sudden? There just seems to be no reason for it to happen.

And why now? Why is it suddenly happening to her in Gears 5? She did not experience anything like it in Gears 4

This is all kinda confusing to me. I hope someone can provide som sort of answer or at least a theory.
Thank you

On a side note, Since when has visions, nightmares and other psychic stuff been part of the series exactly?

Well, the Swarm had only recently “awoken” in GOW4. Prior to that they were not an active factor in the GOW world.
Myrrah may have been human, but it’s possible that she had undergone some kind of changes while she was the Queen. It may not have been intentional. I suspect it’s because of Lambency and Imulsion. Imulsion was essentially an organic parasite in fluid form. It could be that in it’s current more advanced and developed state, it’s developed some kind of a hive consciousness.

Thing is, Locusts have their roots in humanity too. Also the Swarm were formed from humans being podded where they are processed and disintegrated, and then kinda regrown in the pods to form the Juvies and Swarm drones.

It’s also fair to assume that all life on Sera was exposed to Imulsion in some shape or form. Just that the Locust whether it be due to their proximity to Imulsion (living underground) or physiology, reached a higher rate of mutation whereas humans did not, hence why the Countermeasure affected the Locust differently to humans. Anyway, let’s say that Myrrah was exposed to Lambency to an extent and it’s the hive-mind thing is due to the Imulsion parasite, this could have been passed down to Reyna and then later Kait, hence why the Swarm could identify her as being genetically connected to Myrrah.

My guess is that they go on their own hive-busting suicide mission. While in the swarm pod, you’re interconnected with the hivemind. The swarm are probably well aware of Kait’s relation to Myrrah, and probably planted a bunch of locust propaganda in her head. Just a guess, though.

Few hours late but wanted to say something anyway…

I don’t think Myrrah was affected by Imulsion at all. It seemed like she was immune to it, given that she spent a considerable amount of time near a massive amount of Imulsion in Nexus yet was not affected by the countermeasure in any way. So that most likely was not carried over to Reyna, and Kait, or if anything relating to Imulsion was carried over to Reyna the countermeasure likely killed it off. So while I do agree that the connection to the Swarm network might come from the relation to Myrrah I’m pretty sure that particular part isn’t related to Imulsion, or whatever leftovers there are of it. My guess is that the countermeasure wiped the parasite out but left a remnant that is symbiotic in nature and allowed the Scions to create a new army through them using it to dissolve humans and create Juvies in pods.

And humans that were exposed to Imulsion in a high concentration did also end up turning Lambent(in places like Mercy or Char), though it was not shown what happened to the humans who already were starting to turn or were on the initial stages of Lambency where no physical changes were visible yet. So I think it is the proximity to Imulsion that matters when it comes to the mutations and such. A Gears 2 collectible indicates this - a Locust plan, albeit poorly drawn, indicating an attack coming from below, from the lower levels of Nexus which would be closer to Imulsion… but Myrrah was also all the way at the bottom yet showed nothing.

@OP, I don’t think the “turning” of Kait was really meant to be something that would actually happen. Rather, it was symbolic because she forced it back down in that same scene…
The Swarm were turning Reyna into something but for what purpose was never 100% clearly stated. Either trying to forcibly turn her into their new queen, or they needed something from her for an as of yet unknown purpose. My idea on why Kait is having these visions is because there is a weak connection to the Swarm network, something that likely carried over from Myrrah to her, of the (telepathic) connection Myrrah seemed to have to some important Locust like RAAM. But since it’s weak the connection only seems to be there in her sleep(for now, anyway) and it’s making her a bit unnerved, to say the least. Knowing you’re in some way related to the Locust is probably not very reassuring, especially when they’ve recently returned when everyone thought they were dead for good and you’ve kept that secret of that relation to yourself for months.

Though I don’t actually think they’ll make Kait turn over to them… if not for her character then because the humans would probably be absolutely screwed if the Swarm got a Queen. Especially if Kait inherited any of the leeadership qualities Myrrah had.

Yeah it’s hard to know precisely why. I think unless Kait is experiencing PTSD-style nightmares (as opposed to actual visions), there must be some kind of link to the hive. I suppose the question is, what causes this link? The only logical thing I can think of, is Imulsion, otherwise I can’t think of any other reason why Kait may have this link to the Hive. But there must be other things that link the two together - Myrrah possibly, in which case Reyna too, and maybe Imulsion.

Who knows, maybe Myrrah had some kind of natural immunity to Imulsion and Lambency, which meant that although she had Imulsion cells in her she didn’t display any of the Lambency symptoms and mutations like the Locusts or humans did with things like rustlung. In real life, some people have immunities to things like HIV and Ebola.

Or maybe we will discover something more related to the New Hope facility? It was said that Myrrah is a descendant of one of the scientists there. Perhaps there was some research done which we don’t know about where the scientists released that Imulsion is a living parasite and tested some vaccines on their own children including Myrrah? Maybe Adam Fenix wasn’t the first person to have realised this [that Imulsion is a parasite]?

I just remembered that in GOW2, we see Imulsion act as a collective. When Delta Squad first come across the Lambent, and they shoot and kill one of the Lambent as they are going down the lift, we see the Lambent blood / Imulsion collectively flow out of the body and over the edge of the lift. It’s not totally clear, but it may suggest that the Imulsion was displaying some kind of sentient awareness and was trying to merge with a larger body of Imulsion elsewhere.

As far as I can remember Adam’s research specifically states that Imulsion is a sentient organism/lifeform. And a collective organism, at that. How else would it have so deliberately targeted the COG remnants such as the Sovereign, or been able to? It knew they were still a threat, I’d assume, and deliberately attacked them.

But your theory raises several questions - why is it that Reyna has not had anything of the sorts going on? She was not aware that the Locust were coming until JD told her about Jinn’s accusations, and did not seem distraught by anything, unlike Kait.

While I do think that the pink-reddish goo the Swarm have in their pods and Snatchers/Pouncers/Carriers is related to, or a subtype of, Imulsion, that is not parasitic, I don’t think it is responsible for whatever Kait’s experiencing.

It could have just been because of the length of time that had elapsed. In GOW4 it seemed that the Swarm had only recently awoken from their hibernation state so maybe the Hive state had not been established strongly enough. Also, it’s quite possible that Reyna had been experiencing similar visions, but kept it a secret. When you rewatch the cutscene at the end of GOW4 Act 1 (where the Swarm raid the Settlement), after the Speaker Scion overpowers Reyna, she kinda holds the Locust necklace in her hand, looks at it, and looks like she kinda knows what is going on and why she’s being taken. It’s conjecture of course, but having seen the GOW5 trailer, for me it adds a new slant to this cutscene.

I remember that cutscene well, for I have seen it many times. However I was pretty sure Reyna held it because she knew of her relation to Myrrah and had some clue of why the Speaker came, and what was intended for her. It seemed like Oscar and her didn’t really have any idea that they were coming before JD told her that Jinn accused them of her people’s disappearances, but had a plan for it to keep Kait safe, if they ever returned.

There is one other explanation I have come to in other discussions and have seen others mention… the connection could come from when she was taken by a Snatcher, if that is a scene that happens in the game. If you recall what the second, shorter Gears 5 trailer from 2018 showed. However it is questionable if that’s actually what causes the visions to appear, considering that the description of the Ascendance novel on Amazon states that Kait is already having those nightmares then, in the time between Gears 4 and 5. It might be some kind of PTSD but I’m not sure if that’s actually it. Because that wouldn’t explain the image/vision of Myrrah’s Gears 2 appearance. Some of it might be. But not all of it.

My biggest gripe as of yet is the influence the Swarm are supposedly having on her when she clearly has a will strong enough to resist them, and there is no reason why she would let any of that influence her after what the Locust have already done to her. Except for the sole reason of wanting it to stop but there has to be a better solution. Either New Hope or Mount Kadar/Nexus might hold those answers.

That’s true, good call! I had forgotten about that. Marcus developed a (temporary?) connection to the Hive network while he was in the pod, so it could be a more permanent connection for Kait given her lineage. The snatcher capturing Kait could occur very early on, and the nightmare scenes occur afterwards.

I suspect that getting into contact with the Swarm Network dredges up deep personal memories and whatever is happening to Kait might not be unique to her. We see this with those who volunteer to be Hivebusters and possibly with Marcus as well. That close up of his face at Tollen Dam might not have been just him quietly recounting the events in his head.

In Kait’s case she euthanized her own mother, and it goes without saying how messed up of a experience that would be. Dom did the same with his own wife and we know how things turned out for him, so Kait’s earlier nightmares may stem from that traumatic moment. And if she gets hooked into the Swarm Network, then that will likely exacerbate things.

Under that circumstance, Kait doesn’t need some super special genes or immunities to account for what is happening to her. Maybe what’s really going on is that she is struggling with complex personal issues that she doesn’t know how to address. This leaves her mentally vulnerable as the Swarm messes with her head and she becomes convinced that something is wrong with her.

I’m still disappointed with how Gears 5 is turning out, but maybe they could impress me if the story plays to deeper themes with its characters. Perhaps follow Hellblade’s example and explore subject matter such as trauma and mental health.

That would be great but I just have this bad feeling it might not happen for one reason or another, especially with all the people who claim that there is no other possibility than Kait turning Swarm which in my view would bar most further development of her character for some one dimensional villain who is not going to be Kait any longer.

I have not played Hellblade but according to what I’ve heard it is a great game and does the depiction of the mental state of its protagonist very well. I feel like there could be something similar in Gears 5 where for short periods of time Kait might have one of these “visions” during the Campaign but I never really developed on the idea much…

The simple answer: Myyrah is attempting to return through the body of her descendants.