Quest Characters

I personally feel that the two rappers in Gears 4 weren’t the best choices for guest characters. However, I still feel that Gears 5 should include guest characters from other Microsoft games . Having guests characters from other Xbox series would be cool in my opionion. Here are my suggestions for the guest characters:

COG Team

  • sergeant Johnson
  • Master Chief
    -Edward Buck
    -Joanna Dark
    -Jack Joyce
    -The Arbiter (Thel Vadam)

Swarm Team

  • Atriox
    -The Didact
  • Flood Infected
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Love Joanna Dark. Although he is not from a game, I would love to see Vic Rattlehead. :laughing:

Barrick, Sofia, Alicia,Prescott,Jace,Sire.

…they are from other (than 4) Xbox games. That is all I need, at least it is a start.


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SubZero from Mortal Kombat.

Goku / Vegeta / Frieza from DBZ.


Be realistic… even though Sub Zero’s color scheme does match up with the COG blue.

Black Steel Goku:


please stop and be serious they have to have a danny devito character before ANYTHING else that’s just common sense


It’s modified bardock

His hitbox would have to be made taller to fit in with the game…

Who remembers Oddjob from the N64 Golden Eye game?

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Lmao that’s not even Goku that’s his father Bardock who seems to be in his Super Saiyan 4 form that isn’t even cannon.

I kept it simple for the non DB fans. I can see the scar on his face. It was the closest thing to a “Black Steel Goku” that I could find …


To be serious I think we should have it limited with Master Chief (Halo 3 design), Commander Shepard, and Joanna Dark (PDX design) on COG. Then a Brute, Elite and tho he’s not an antagonist he would fit in with the beast like tone of the Swarm/Locust. Brutus could join them and hopefully if he gets popularity see Brute Force come back.

This not not soul calibur 6. There shouldnt be guest characters in shooters, thats just dumb.


How are the Microsoft first party guest characters I suggested dumb? They would require no licensing and the multiplayer of Gears of War has no story.

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I actually really like this idea! I think that it’d be cool for TC to implement at least two characters from other franchises (one for COG, one for Swarm). An example being, like you stated, Master Chief for COG and Arbiter on the Swarm. Obviously, there’s more choices than Halo, but these are some great examples that you’ve given

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Why not Rainbow Dash of my little pony ?!

I want to play at Gears only, i don’t need big ■■■■■ of others licenses…

Keep your bad ideas and be serious !


What about Alex?

I mean technically it would. Depends how nice Xbox wants to be with itself.

I don’t think Guest characters need to be a thing. I think having Grey and Tasha in Judgement was cool, but that’s it. They were EPIC characters after all. RTJ is fine because they support the game, just like Ice T, except his character was actually in the story.


I don’t see how the idea of guest characters is a entirely a bad idea. The two rappers in Gears 4 were technically guest as they only appeared in the mp. I just feel that guest characters from other Microsoft franchises could work for Gears of War as its mp has no canonical weight. Also as an FYI, I didn’t suggest ridiculous guest characters like Rainbow Dash.