Queen Myrrah's Voice

Why does Queen Myrrah’s voice sound so different? She almost sounds like a man.

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Wierd. It has always been the same voice actress. Maybe she’s just getting old.

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Excuse me? Carolyn Seymour is the legendary voice actress that has portrayed Queen Myrrah in every game so far. Naturally, her voice sounds gradually that bit older in Gears 5 than it did in previous titles, especially Gears 1 -3, but it most definitely does not sound masculine in any sense. It is, and always will be, one of the best things in the entire Franchise. She has the best speeches and quotes by a mile.

Shame on you.


There has been confusion where he somehow appears to have mistaken Niles’ voice as the match/round announcer for Myrrah… don’t ask me how.


Ah…I hope not. I wouldn’t expect someone to be that imbecilic.

You may want to look at this and the following exchange.


Well, maybe my expectations need lowering.

That is a crazy and absurd mistake not to mention insulting towards the Queen. Even if the Campaign wasn’t played, there’s a very notable difference.

Having said that, Myrrah should have been the Swarm’s voice announcer, not Niles. That was a very bad missed opportunity.


Just listen to it my homie. Really??? You like that?

Are you talking about the voice that speaks to you between rounds when you’re on Swarm? Because if so, yeah that’s a dude named Niles, not the Queen…

Myrrah sounds fine in the campaign, as good she ever has.

He sounds ridiculous.

I mean, he’s just okay imo. I’d much rather it be Myrrah yelling at us again like the previous games than Niles but it is what it is.

Hopefully whenever they add her to the game they’d entertain the idea of swapping his voice out with hers or at least giving us the option. Doubt it tho.

I mean what do you expect from a Roomba that got a vertical extension, a Monitor with 100 pixels on it, and a little arm it can use

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OK so I found out its Niles not Myrrah. We friends again?




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I did a literal “spit take” when I read that you thought Niles was Myrrah. :joy:
But, the fact you weren’t ashamed to admit it deserves mad respect so you’re ok in my book. :+1:


In the other games it’s always been Myrrah’s voice.

Yeeeeeeees. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sure, why the hell not?!


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