Queen Myrrah speaks to Kait?

I may be wrong and it may be nothing, but check the link below:


It’s the first execution in the video. It may be coincidental but I have never heard her utter these words:

”You will emerge…triumphant!”

Personally I think it’s very cool albeit unofficial of course. It’s implies that the connection between Kait and her Grandmother could be stronger than we think

…unless I’m wrong, in which case I’m disappointed.


Tinfoil hat


Maybe TC trying to give themselves a pep talk for Gears 5, considering the mess 4 is? :smiley:


I could be wrong but I’m almost certain that’s something the Queen has said since Gears 2. Like I said, I could be wrong about that, but I’m 99% sure I’ve heard her speak that line before


I’ve never heard her say that in Gears 4, but I’ve never done a lancer exi with her either.
As far as a connection to Kait in that execution, no…
Why would she kill her and then give her a pep talk?? She’s talking to her army.

I’ve recently completed Gears 2 again and when you are in Nexus, she does say something like that or pretty much that, I think so too :grimacing:

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Doesn’t she say that a lot though in VS?

Any time I have played as her she says it.

Murray says that often in MP versus.

Since Gears 3, she has said that.

If she never did before, then yes, that would be cool.