Queen Myrrah and renya theory

here is a theory i have been thinking about ,about Myrrah and Renya , we all know Myrrah was able to create life hence the locust ,what if Myrrah created a human out of her own DNA ,kinda like a clone , so she could have some one to take over for her when she decided to no longer be Queen ,could also explain why there would be no father for Renya , and thats why the swarm captured her ,because Myrrah knew how to create life and they wanted the secret on how to do it so why not capture her daughter who just happens to be a exact copy of her …

You mean Reyna right?

(Sorry to be that guy)

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It doesn’t seem plausible. I can see Myrrah having a bit involvement in creating the entire Locust species, but as for creating a human clone…other than the natural way, there’s no way she could without it having some sort of deformity.

so buy this that would make Myrrah Kate’s grandmother and hence the symbol belonging to Mryaah?

Crazy theory: The Berserker in the trailer is the true Locust Queen and Myrrah was a pretender.

The individual who would become this Berserker is the source of the Locust hive network and, by default, their leader. The New Hope research kept her in stasis to prevent her from causing the other children from becoming too aggressive and attempted to replicate her abilities.

Eventually, when they went to the Hollows, Myrrah inherited the New Hope research and used it to make herself Queen. Now the original Queen reawakens and begins to reassert its dominance over the rising Swarm. Reyna becomes a target of the “true” Queen’s wrath as vengeance for what Reyna’s ancestors did to it many years ago.


Good post. It’s a cool idea, I like the idea of an all-powerful “Queen” Berserker :+1:

BUT…my loyalties lie with Myrrah, who will always be the true Queen of the Locust.

As far as the Locust themselves are concerned, they could be well aware of the truth, but ultimately don’t care. To them, might makes right, and Myrrah got to where she is by being more cunning than everyone else.

Therefore, she’s the boss.

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i love this idea ,but my alliance lies with Myrrah as well as the one true queen of the locust ,she was a offspring of the original new hope scientist and knew all their research

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