Quality of Life

Gears 5 needs some quality of life features.

A quality of life feature is something that does not impact gameplay but does enhance the user’s interaction with the game by reducing or eliminating minor inconveniences. Feel free to add your ideas below and I will add them to this post.

  1. Menu option to see Arcade loadouts
  2. Menu option to see a list of all earnable ribbons
  3. Menu option to see a list of Ranked ranks and the points required to reach them
  4. Menu option to see Escape maps organized by the Operation in which they were released
  5. Ability to skip or mute the Escape cutscene (my current practice is to press the Xbox button which mutes all game audio) The solution was to go to Audio settings and turn Cinematic Audio to zero.
  6. End-of-round ribbon count like in Gears 3 Horde
  7. Ready Up option in Horde and Escape lobby menus
  8. Menu option to see ally skill loadouts and card levels in Horde and Escape lobbies
  9. Option to disable your own emote wheel (analogous to turning off your gore) I remapped the function to another button
  10. Menu pop up that asks you to confirm if you want to back out when you press B after a match ends
  11. Menu option to apply a skin to all weapons if you own a full set
  12. When you press X to view the previous match results, the screen should display the stats shown at match end (eliminations, caps, etc.)
  13. Tour Menu redesign so we don’t have to scroll all the way down every time just to see the medal progression (looks like this is fixed in Operation 3).
  14. Menu option to look at recent supply drops or perhaps a “claim” feature that lets you manually trigger supply drops from your supply meter.
  15. Menu option to turn on auto-deposit when you touch the fabricator so you don’t have to keep entering the fabricator menu to deposit energy.
  16. Menu option to see what the network icons mean
  17. Menu option to choose which Gears 5 soundtrack song to play in the menu.
  18. Separate Melee button, from mantle cover while running, or preferencing meleeing enemies instead of mantling in PVE

Level 6 cards so we can scrap the duplicates.

Prevent host starting Horde / Escape lobby for 5-10 seconds when last player joins. I’ve had moments when the host doesn’t give me the time to change character or cards.

Ready up option in lobbies so an indicator to host that everyone is ready and set.

Ability to see each other’s cards and card levels in lobbies.

Language translater for speech to text.


A better way to track your number of ribbons in-match instead of having to use unreliable manual count.

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A hardware ban for quitters

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Sorry, that does not meet the definition of Quality of Life improvement :smile:

There is a new quit penalty coming where the quitters have to play a certain number of hours in social before being able to play Ranked again. They cannot use idle for this requirement.


i would like the ability to disable the announcers and turn the end of round music down or off . it actually seems like they made it louder after the most recent update


It would be a big quality of life for me, even if tc implemented an ending scoreboard showing me how long the quitter has been banned for.

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That’s still not QOL that’s just schadenfreude :smile:


Please for the love of Gears give us an option to hide the emote wheel. Im getting tired of seeing it pop up in the middle of battle


I still have never seen this emote wheel.


play with a controller and you’ll see



She plays claw lol


I have a tendency to clench my controller in tense situations and it usually gets me fragged.

It is not a new issue. Any function mapped to clicking the sticks in is a problem for me.

I first noticed this back on Call of Duty 4 when I would clench causing me to melee instead of firing my weapon. It’s not so bad in Gears PvP but it affects me mostly in Arcade (classic alt controller setting puts loadout menu on left click).

  • I’d like a way to apply a whole weapon skin set at once
  • Have skin sets per faction (or even character would be nice)
  • View my objectives during a PVP match
  • See my objectives live progress during a match
  • Choose specific medals to track or follow
  • Scoreboard to return to traditional kills and assist
  • Better way of viewing stats in Horde, also end of Wave 50 should show totals, not just that wave
  • Permanently choose Flash or Smoke, not choose each time (from what I hear this is all getting reworked anyway)
  • Remove the ability to back out of match results so easily, one B press and you’re out. Terrible. Happened to me so much.

Ability to re organize where the characters are on the select screen. I dont like that Baird, Lizzie, and anyone else who releases to be below Halo and Terminator characters

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I have a 16 core cpu, 32GB of RAM, and an 8GB video card.

I still play Gears 5 on my 4 year old Xbox One.


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I would be playing games on my six year old original Xbox One if I hadn’t gotten a One X when I passed my final high school exams, alongside a 4k TV. About two years ago, iirc. I still have it, in fact. But I currently have no use for it…

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Nothing wrong with that, just seems odd if you have a more powerful machine. Like you having the one X for example if you only used the original One.